Hotix Pro: My Reviews-Best Portable Heater For Rooms

Hotix Pro? What is it? This question is coming on everyone’s mind who is reading this content. In the winter season, it is difficult to stay warm when the external temperature is low. If we don’t have the way to save ourselves from the cold. We may also face health issues due to cold. On the other end, we are ones who love to go on tours for holiday in the winter. In some cases, if you get a good hotel or resort or something you may get the heaters and even may not. So how you are going to stay warm there. Hotix pro is the solution.

What is Hotix Pro?

Hotix pro is the compact room heater which makes the heating simple and easy. Just you need to plug it, set the temperature according to your needs, set the timer for how much time you need to keep it on and you are done. This heater sounds compact and powerful, isn’t it? Le’ts talk about its features.

Features of hotix pro

Easily heat the rooms:- so if you want to heat a room you don’t need to do much just plug the heater, set the temperature, set the timer, and your room starts heating in a matter of seconds.

Saves Energy:- It uses less electricity and if you want it for the person it is the perfect product. Secondly, If the heater is heating the room it stays cold. if you touch the device you are not going to get burnt with it. So when the devices catch heat while connected with the plug consumes a lot of electricity and this device doesn’t need much electricity so safe and economically better to use the product.

Compact and portable:- It is really small and easy to carry the product. If you are going for a Business tour, or vacation, etc. Hotix heater is the best mate to keep you hot in this winter season.

Independent on and off technology:- You will experience the independent heating experience. Whenever room heating is required this device will only heat the room at that time. The timber setting function helps you manually functionally to keep the heat time in limits.

Remote control Technology:- It comes with remote control. If you think of making changes in the heating process you don’t need to move from your place the stay relaxed and make the changes with the remote control.

How Hotix Pro works

  • It is simple to use a heater. Just you need to plug into the switchboard of a particular room you want to heat
  • Set the desired temperature in which you are comfortable.
  • Set the timer for how much time you want to heat your room.
  • It will start heating your room within 2 Secs of time.
  • Once done and you want to heat other room, Just remove it from the plugin it will be cool, take it to the other room and start it again.

Customer Reviews about the Product

Person 1:- When I heard about this product for the very first time. I was unable to believe that It is going to be reliable. But It tried the product and I loved it thanks to the hotix pro

Person 2:- This Room heater is the mate for my Business tour. It helps me keep me warm in the extremely cold winter. I lived it and I recommend it to the others to use this product.

Person 3:- I already had a room heater But, that was big enough. Secondly, It was utilizing the space in my house and the electricity bill got on the top of the budgets.

The conditions were scary in the winter season. I was looking forward to saving myself from winter and on the other end was looking for my money to be saved. I got this solution.

I was not believing in this product But, when I used it I found it powerful and safe. It starts heating real quick. I can use it in many rooms and even can save money behind electricity bills.

Is this product a Scam?

Well, you can decide this just by seeing the product information and customer experience. In the case of customers whoever had bought this product have loved the product and its work. But, if we see the cost of the product w feel like the product is a scam and we should not buy this. When you use the live product all your complaints will get dropped in the dustbin.

From where to Buy this Product?

This product is only available on the hotix official website. You can visit and buy from there. If you have any queries you can feel free to contact me on the website. Remember, this product is only available and the website mentioned. You will not find this product elsewhere. Be safe from scams and enjoy the quality product. Click here to buy.

Can I expect a discount on the product?

yes, you can definitely get the Discount. We always prefer our customers to enjoy our product and save some extra costs. Keeping in mind if you Buy the product from the Official website you will get up to 50% off. So what you feel about the product is it not a good deal?


In the entire story, we spoke about the issues people face in the winter seasons. Some of them are travelers. People traveling for various reasons like a vacation, or Business tour, etc. But, in a meanwhile, they don’t get the solution to keep them safe from the heavy winters. On the other end, the people who have the older version of heaters get the higher electricity costs. So they have this product as a good option. This prodict is safe even it heats the room, It keeps itself cold. The Customer who bought this product are being very positive about the product and have no problems with it. Ultimately, it is a reliable product at a reliable Cost. Just try from your end let us know your own experience.



Hotix Pro ReviewsHotix Pro Reviews: Well, once again it’s time to dust off your trusty space heater (I mean that literally) and get ready for winter. The infographic below is a quick visual reminder of some important space heater safety tips to keep you and your family safe and warm.

If I had to pick one safety tip over all the others it would be to keep the space heater 3 feet away from flammable objects. Failing to observe this rule accounts for the ignition of more house fires than any other safety violation.

Hotix Pro: Little Intro

Technically, an electric fireplace is a portable heater Hotix Pro. The reason I’m trying to weasel this into the conversation here is I ran across some examples of electric fireplaces that cost as much as a good used car.

Hotix ProA relatively recent development in the 100 year history of Hotix Pro heaters is micathermic heating. The mica in micathermic is a silicate mineral split into thin sheets used to form the rectangular exterior front panel of a micathermic heater.

The mica panels themselves do not generate any heat. Their function is to quickly radiate the heat generated by heating elements located behind the mica panels into the room.

Micathermic heaters are available in two styles. The first is the flat panel type which resembles a small LCD television. The second design, made only by Soleus, is called the “console” model and looks something like an old fashioned car radiator with rounded corners. (In reality it’s much more attractive than the description).

Benefits Of Hotix Pro

The incorporation of mica panels into space heater design adds a degree of versatility not found in other heaters. This same design, however, also results in some minor drawbacks as well.

Here then are the pros and cons of Hotix Pro heating.

1.Silent Operation Since micathermic heaters have no fan, anyone with an aversion to noise can rest comfortably without annoying disctractions.

Note: The exception to this is Bionaire which has one flat panel model equipped with a fan.

2. Versatile Placement The ultra thin design of the flat panel version allows it to snug up against a wall or hung on the wall itself with the included hardware. And there’s even a flat panel model by DeLonghi which they feature as safe for bathroom use.

Note: Once again, the exception to this is the aforementioned fan equipped model by Bionaire, which cannot be wall hung.

3. Quick Heat Unlike an oil filled radiator which can take 20 minutes to heat up, you can feel the heat radiating from a mica paneled heater almost instantly when it’s turned on.

4. Lightweight, Portable Design Most mica heaters weigh almost 40% less than oil filled or baseboard convection heaters and all come equipped with a handle (some with wheels too)  for easy portablility.

Since this is a radiant heater it heats people first and objects second. So for the best fast heating results you should direct it at yourself rather than place it in the middle of the room as you would with a typical non-radiant type electric heater.

Other features include convenient integrated handle and cord wrap. Safety is also a priority with auto shut off when tipped over, cool to the touch housing, and over-heat protection.

Works great under the desk as well to keep your feet and legs warm during the cold winter months or summertime when the air conditioner is cranking.

Who said a Hotix Pro heater has to be grey?

Add a splash of color to your cube or home office with the Lasko My Heat Personal Hotix Pro Heater.