How did Bradley Henderson Conway sc die? Cause of death explored?

It is with great sadness that the Horry County Sheriff’s Office records the unexpected death of Bradley Henderson of Conway, South Carolina, USA. He passed away suddenly on Sunday, November 27, 2022, says the official post from the Facebook account of Alison Larrimore Capps.

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Who was Bradley Henderson?

On February 7, 1975, Bradley Henderson was born in Brunswick, Georgia, the son of Ronald and Loretta Henderson. He grew up in Conway, South Carolina with his brothers. Brad attended Conway and attended North High School graduating in 1993. He later attended Metro Community College. He also attended Ashford University for social studies and behavioral sciences.

In his teens he was very influenced and always competed in BMX (Bike Motocross). Bradley also played soccer in his spare time. After trying a wide range of jobs, he finally landed his job as a building inspector in the city of Omaha.

Bradley met Val Denney through the Classmates website in 2007. They both got married on June 16, 2012. He was one of those people who loves to spend time with his family.

What happened to Bradley Henderson? Cause of his death

Horry County Sheriff Bradley Henderson died unexpectedly at the age of 47 on November 17, 2022. As of this posting, no one has officially confirmed Bradley Henderson’s cause of death. But, Alison Larrimore Capp posted a lot of photos of Bradley Henderson with a caption that reads:

My heart hurts.

Bradley and his family are very close to us. Your smile would light up the room and make him the best personality. He was the type of person who could make anyone laugh no matter what kind of day he was having! He is always in my thoughts and prayers and I will never forget all of our memories over the years.
Please pray for this family. She really was such a special person to so many of us! Rest easy my friend.”

The actual cause of his death is not revealed at this time. However, we will definitely get back to you as soon as we get more information. The news about Bradley Henderson’s funeral ceremony is also not disclosed as of this writing.

Tributes to Bradley Henderson

One of his neighbors, Sheldon James, wrote: “He was my neighbor, but he was a nice guy. I’m going to miss him and I love you, friend.”

Lynn Dennis noted of his sudden passing: “Praying for his family, friends and co-workers.”

“It was so special to all of us! Still, this news doesn’t feel real to me,” Haley Grainger said.

We are sending our deepest condolences and much sympathy to the Bradley family during this time.
We hope you get all the details about his death, including how Bradley Henderson died. May God bless his soul and help him find eternity. To read more such articles, keep visiting the website. And leave your thoughts, in the comments section below.

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