How did Greg Cozzo die? Cause of death explored

Greg Cozzo, better known by his popular name as The Big Red Hat, sadly passed away on December 12, 2022. Tributes abounded as news of his passing spread like wildfire on social media.

How did Greg Cozzo die?

The sudden and tragic death of Greg Cozzo, known to many as The Big Red Hat!, shocked all who knew him on December 12, 2022. Greg Cozzo left his family, friends and loyal fan base behind in devastation and mourning.

Chris Hayes, a close friend of Greg’s, fondly remembers him saying that no matter the situation, whether he was entertaining the crowd at Orange Show Raceway or broadcasting late-night on KCAL, Greg Cozzo always had real enthusiasm. for life and an enthusiasm that was contagious to everyone around him. He was the life max of any room he walked into and he will be sorely missed.

what was his cause of death?

The unexpected death of Greg Cozzo has left many with unanswered questions about what caused his unfortunate demise. Unfortunately, very little information is available at this time regarding his cause of death.

Bareillycollege staff are attempting to contact the family and relatives in an effort to gather more information about the incident. We understand how important finding answers can be at such a difficult time and will update this page when more details become available. In the meantime, we extend our deepest condolences to those affected by his untimely loss and hope that more information on the cause of death of Greg Cozzo can be found soon.

Early life and career

Greg Cozzo was an especially beloved and respected presence in both the entertainment and camping industries due to his work as a nightly announcer at KCAL and his affiliation with Lucas Oil. Since 1989, Lucas Oil has been a manufacturer and distributor of automotive oil, additives and lubricants. Mr. Cozzo was always cheerful and generous when seen in the Lucas Oil office, earning him the affectionate nickname “The Big Red Hat!” for he often sported a big red cowboy hat. His duties for MAVTV were no less impressive; MAVTV is a cable television channel aimed at motorsport fans that is owned by Lucas Oil. Currently, CJ Olivares is acting president of MAVTV, which shows the success that Greg Cozzo left behind.

Tributes on the death of Greg Cozzo

david wrote
Everyone, I just found out that my good friend Greg Cozzo aka The Big Red Hat has passed away… I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes talking to him the other day. We always find a way to hang out together besides the Chilibowl. He brought smiles and laughter to everyone around him. The things he did with children, especially in hospitals, so that for a moment they could experience a little bit of joy… This really hurts… RIP brother and see you on the other side!!! 💔

one wrote

RIP Greg Cozzo The Big Red Hat, will be missed by many. I’m glad we had the chance to hug and talk a few days ago in Indy. What good memories in a short time. Your energy and compassion will be hard to replace, my friend. My deepest condolences to his family.

another wrote

Speechless man, this guy always made me smile, he had such a positive energy and uplifted everyone around him. Greg Cozzo, we will really miss him, he was there from when I started filming the Lucas Oil Off Road series for over a decade until it ended and I saw him at other events around the country. Man we had some good times dude… RIP #Bigredcowhoyhat

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