How did Moses Omusolo die? Learn all about the tragic death of the journalist from the Traditional Media Group

On Thursday morning, December 22, 2022, Moses’ body was sadly found alongside Kang’undo Street, inflicting sadness and shock among the members of the press group. Moses Omusolo will be remembered for his willingness to ask hard questions and share necessary stories with the world. Read more to learn about this tragic incident.

Who was Moses Omusolo?

Moses Omusolo was a talented 35-year-old journalist and graduated from Masinde Muliro College, Class of 2013. He joined Customary Media Group and wrote for the business side of The Customary newspaper. Those who knew him very well remembered him as a particular person with a good heart and big dreams in all aspects of life. He had just gotten engaged and was anxiously planning his marriage ceremony, which could have taken place early next year in February 2023.

How did Moses Omusolo die? What was his reason behind the death?

The body of Customary Media Group journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo was found in a ditch off Kang’undo Street. In the past 35 years, he had major skull fractures and no further data has been published to answer the question that is on everyone’s mind. What happened to the death of Moses Omusolo?

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The investigation into his death

Police are currently investigating the death of Moses Omusolo. Although they have not revealed any further details as of yet, they are still trying to find clues that will help them find solutions to this tragedy. Meanwhile, members of the group have come together to pay their respects to Omusulo and demand justice for his untimely death.

In October 2022, the Kenya Publishers Guild expressed concern about the large number of journalists who have received threats, bodily harm and even death while carrying out their work. In response, ICT Cabinet Secretary Eliud Owalo set about mobilizing state institutions to help journalists and local media retailers after meeting with the Media Owners Association.

Tributes poured to Moisés Omusolo

trace [email protected]: Relaxation in Peace Moisés Omusolo Okiror.

Nasimiyu Kisiang[email protected]_07: Traditional Group journalist Moses Okiror Omusolo was killed and body dumped along Kangundo Street, Nairobi; police launch probe. Let him relax in peace.

ben bena: Rip Moses, Eva Kimaiyo, Really unhappy 😭😭. May your murderers by no means find peace. Relaxation in peace Socrates.

No one should have to experience a death as untimely as the one that befell Moses Omusolo. It will be significant that we proceed to keep him in our minds and take steps to make sure that justice is done to his title so that we properly honor him with closure. We hope that soon the authorities will be able to clarify what happened so that the Omusulo family can find peace in these difficult times. Our hearts go out to them during this difficult period.

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