How did Tea Wright-Finger die? What happened to her?

The body of a missing teenager, Tea Wright-Finger, has been found six weeks after her harrowing video went viral on the internet. Immediately after sharing the video, she disappeared without a trace. But where had she disappeared to?

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  • Tea Wright-Finger shared a TikTok video with a bloody face on Oct. 4.
  • One of her friends dropped her off in a blue Toyota Prado near Richmond, 500 km west of Townsville, Queensland, on October 16.
  • Queensland Police sent a search team to track down Tea Wright and got their first clue in the case when they found her mobile phone on October 18 near the Flinders River.
  • They began searching both by land and by air on October 22.
  • Queensland Police released CCTV footage of Tea Wright-Finger on November 16.
  • They come close to this case when a Toyota Prado was spotted by a gathering helicopter in the Woodland area on November 30.
  • On December 1, the search team (SES) found her body in a remote bush area about 600 meters from the vehicle.

What happened to Tea Wright-Finger?

Tea Wright-Finger was a 19-year-old girl from Richmond, Queensland. Her body disappeared in Woodland on October 16, two days after she shared a disturbing video on her official TikTok account. According to Richmond police, one of her friends dropped Tea Wright off in a Toyota Prado near Richmond, 500km west of Townsville, Queensland.

Queensland Police have done everything possible to search for Tea Wright. Authorities planned a large search operation for about nine days, but were unable to locate her. Finally, early Thursday morning, a helicopter found a stolen blue Toyota Prado linked to her disappearance. A few hours later, her body was tragically found in a remote bush about 600 meters from the vehicle.

How did Tea Wright-Finger die?

Queensland Police found the body of nineteen-year-old Tea Wright-Finger, a TikToker after going missing for around two months. She was located in a remote area of ​​the Queensland bushland, close to where she disappeared nearly six weeks ago.

Officials issued a statement saying the death was not being treated as suspicious and a coroner’s report would be prepared.

The head of the SES (State Emergency Service), Gordon Graham, who was also an area controller and had been looking for Ms Wright-Finger since October. He also said something about this tragic incident,

Gordon Graham said we did our best to uncover his body, but it was low resolution.

“Hell yeah! It wasn’t a positive result, but I think it’s closure for Miss Tea and her family and also for the members who were there for a long period, helping with the search,” Mr Graham said.

He said SES volunteers from Townsville, Charters Towers and Mount Isa had traveled back to Richmond at the request of police to restart the search for Ms Wright-Finger following the discovery of the missing four-wheel drive.

Queensland Police also expressed sympathy for her family: “Police have spoken to Tea’s family and we extend our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones.”

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