How much money will the winner of the Qatar 2022 World Cup take? code list

There is no doubt that the World Cup trophy is one of the most coveted on the entire football field. Each team that participates in the World Cup dreams of having in their hands the figure of two people holding the globe. But it is not the only thing that the winner of the tournament receives, since he will also receive an important economic prize.

Qatar 2022 will not be the exception when it comes to awarding money as a prize to the winner of the World Cup final. Argentina or France will also fight for a bag worthy of any boxing match played in the most luxurious casinos in Las Vegas.

Between FIFA and the organization they confirmed that the winner will receive 40,000,000 euros if they can lift the World Cup, a prize that has been modified over the last four decades, and that has grown exponentially over the course of of the editions.

In the 1982 World Cup in Spain, for example. the champion Italy received the equivalent of 2 million euros, since that currency was not applied then. In Mexico 1986, the Argentine champion pocketed 2.6; in Italy 1990, 3.3; in the United States 1994, 3.8; in France 1998, 5.6; in South Korea/Japan 2002, 7.5 million. In Germany 2006 the great leap was made, with 18.8 million for the champion Italy; in South Africa 2010, 28.2; in Brazil 2014, 33; in Russia 2018, 35.7; and in Qatar 2022, 40 million euros.

In any case, there will not only be a prize for the winner, since the runner-up will also have a cash prize, since they will pocket some 29 million euros that will go to the local Federation. The semi-finalists also got their share, with Croatia earning €26 million for finishing third and Morocco earning €24 million for finishing fourth.

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