How Should You Dress for Afternoon Tea?

Sydney is located on the southeastern coast of Australia. It is the capital city of the state of New South Wales. Sydneysiders love having an endless boozy brunch along with an afternoon tea in Sydney. In the 1840s, high tea or afternoon tea was introduced as one of the English traditions.

During the early years, afternoon tea was only experienced by the people of the English upper class. But now, everyone can enjoy this tradition. Having your high tea in an exquisite location can make you feel like royalty. However, this occasion is also perfect for casual meetings, celebrations, or just a time for indulgence. 

If you want to partake in this English tradition, you can read on to know how you should dress for an afternoon tea.

What Is the Dress Code for Women Having an Afternoon Tea?

When having an afternoon tea, you can find that most venues have a casual dress code, so you can have many options on how you can dress for afternoon tea. You could go for an easy and relaxed look with a shirt and skirt combination or a simple dress. Or you could choose to be a bit formal by having a trouser suit look. Some people would choose to wear something more decorative than the usual look.

Afternoon Tea Tops and Skirts 

Wearing a flowy skirt paired with a nice shirt or top is a simple combination for your afternoon tea. To achieve an elegant and fresh look, consider floral patterns and light colours, which are ideal for this particular occasion. You should wear a plain skirt with a patterned top or vice-versa. It is a simple two-piece outfit that can make you feel very comfortable.

Afternoon Tea Dress

It will depend on how casual or smart you may feel when it comes to dressing for afternoon tea. While you can easily get away with a cute top and jeans, some women take this opportunity to wear a pretty dress. When going for an afternoon tea, all you need is a simple flowy light dress along with a pretty bag and a pair of sandals. During the winter, you can switch these sandals with a pair of low-heeled boots. 

A dress is a preferred choice if you want to feel comfortable while having a feminine look.

Afternoon Tea Trouser Suits

 If you want to have a more formal look for your afternoon tea, then you can go for a trouser suit. Usually, this outfit consists of a blouse or shirt, trousers and a blazer. Recently, suits are becoming a popular choice due to their corporate reputation. You can choose to dress them down depending on what pleases you for your afternoon tea in Sydney.

Sugary pinks, baby blues, or any other pastel-coloured trousers suits are less formal, making them perfect for afternoon tea.

What Is the Dress Code for Men Having an Afternoon Tea?

Generally, men are required to have a smart casual look when having their afternoon tea. In other words, they should avoid wearing shorts, t-shirts or any sportswear. A shirt along with smart trousers and shoes is a perfect outfit for men having their afternoon tea. Depending on the weather condition, you could keep it casual by wearing a patterned or a light-coloured short-sleeved shirt.

However, if it is a bit cooler outside, you might consider opting for a V-neck pullover. On the other hand, a suit jacket might probably be more exaggerated.

When having an afternoon tea, be sure to check the dress code of the restaurant.

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