How the marriage of Habiba Sinare, Majid Waris ended after 11 months with details of infidelity

The collapsed marriage of soccer superstar Majid Waris and Habiba Sinare has resurfaced after the estranged ex-wife attacked her ex-husband’s tribe and people of northern descent.

New details are emerging about the alleged mutual infidelity by husband and wife during the marriage feud that lasted just over a year.

Former Porto, FC Nantes and Black Stars striker Majeed Waris has quietly divorced Habiba Sinare, but she went public with the matter and he responded.

According to sources, the Ghana striker filed for divorce because his wife was denying him access to their son and also because of allegations that she was cheating on him when she was out of town.

Waris, who was then on loan for a season at Nantes from FC Port, married Habiba in April 2017 and at the end of 2018. The marriage was almost over. At the time, their marriage was on the brink of collapse as the couple was separated for around three months.

A few months later, Majeed Waris was rumored to be accusing Habiba of infidelity and having doubts about the paternity of her firstborn on her Instagram page.

But Majeed said he was the victim of an account hack. He said, “Just to confirm that I got my account back, me and my family are completely fine.”

Habiba also took to her Instagram to clarify the matter, posting, “Don’t destroy yourself by allowing negative people to add nonsense and debris to your character, reputation, and aspirations. Keep all dreams alive, but discreetly, so that those with sick tongues have no choice but to become infected with their own diseases.”

acting career block

Reports also suggested the couple had irreconcilable differences after the soccer star stopped Habiba Sinare from pursuing her passion for acting.

This led to small family arguments that degenerated into a larger problem with the striker opposed to his wife’s desire to pursue an acting career that he believes is contrary to Islamic principles with deceptive and sexually suggestive roles for young women.

The movie actress left her home in France without warning and went to Ghana along with her six-month-old son.

Sources close to Habiba’s family claim that the player does not know the whereabouts of his wife and son, which further strained the relationship.

The beautiful lady also chose not to live in the family home in Adjiriganor in suburban Accra and abandoned the Islamic hijab, making her available to potential suitors, making matters worse and difficult to resolve after she shot him in Instagram.

A delegation from Waris’s family to meet with the lady’s family to help resolve differences escalated into a larger fight with both parties trading insults.

Habiba removed all of her photos of Waris from her social media pages, and Black Stars responded in kind.

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