How to Protect Yourself From Malicious QR Codes 

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We live in a fast-paced life wherein, we use many go-to tools that simplify our essential tech tasks. One such important task is scanning QR codes. QR codes are a multidimensional barcode that we can easily scan with a document scanner app. A preinstalled scanner app can scan codes in a few seconds.

But there is a systematic scam that plots you with malicious QR codes. The QR code scam can put you in danger in many ways. So here we share information on how to protect yourself from ill-disposed QR codes.

What Is QR Code Scam And How To Protect Yourself From It?

A QR code scam is a well-planned cybercrime that can happen with anyone. Frauds can easily plot you with dubious links and malicious codes. But before understanding how the scam happens first we need to know how QR codes Work?

What Is the QR Code? How Does It Work?

QR code carries a number of black squares and dots which describe specific pieces of data. When your Smartphone scans code, it translates that information. Most QR codes are a web link. All you need to decode the information is a quick scan of the code.

However, a few advertisers set QR codes everywhere like floor tiles, billboards, buildings, etc in a hope that a curious mind will scan those QR codes. Users also feel it is interesting as sometimes they find free coupons, codes, or some goodies.

What Is The Malicious QR Code Scam?

To decode codes(both QR and Barcode) we use QR reader apps that easily scan the codes. Most of the scanner apps know that the decoded message is a web link and that’s why it automatically launches your device’s web browser and opens the link. It saves you from the long process of typing the web address,m searching, and opening it. But here is the point from which the bad guys enter.

Con artists use QR codes to infect your device with malware. Criminals easily trick you to visit phishing sites. They may still have important information from your devices. These days criminals plant malicious payloads or web addresses into the QR.

 With free encoding tools from the Internet that print the QR codes on adhesive papers.  And finally, affix malicious QR code over top of a genuine one. Since human eyes can not decode Qr codes, anyone who scans the ill-disposed QR code won’t know they scanned a malicious link until it’s too late.

How To Protect Yourself From QR Code Scams With FlashScan?

To avoid falling into the trap of malicious QR codes one must use authentic scanning apps. There are many QR scanner apps available in the market but choosing a genuine app that ensures a secure scan is a tough task.

Out of many free QR and barcode scanner apps, you should pick FlashScan. It is the fastest document scanner app that enables you to scan QR and barcodes as well.

Here is how you can scan QR and barcodes With FlashScan:

Download the FlashScan– a brilliant QR code reader app.

Now to scan any codes, you need to click on the QR/Barcode from the home screen. With this, the camera opens and scans the code.

There are many operations you can do on the results of scanned codes.

What Are The Operations Users Can Do With Scanned Codes Of FlashScan?

FlashScan is a multi-functional app that offers many features. With scanned codes, users can do the below-mentioned operations.

You can copy the scanned code to the clipboard.

You can easily share it with friends and family.

If the result of the scanned code is a plain text you get the option to search it on the web.

If the result is a website or any URL, you can directly open it on the web.

FlashScan protects users with the option of whether they want to search any scanned codes to the web or not so if in case you find something suspicious you can avoid searching and visiting those dubious links. FlashScan protects its users from QR code scams and generates scans in no time.

This is how FlashScan avoids any QR code scams. 


Apart from being a QR code scanner app FlashScan is a comprehensive document scanning app that scans all types of papers. It also offers OCR that extracts text and translates it into many languages.

Do you want to avoid any QR code scams? Scan your codes safely with FlashScan- a brilliant QR code scanner that generates clear, crisp, and sharp scans in no time.

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