How to send messages that can only be read once on WhatsApp? code list

Today we will present you a trick WhatsApp with which you can send messages that can only be read once, so keep reading, because surely this new function will be to your liking.

It seems that to improve our privacy In WhatsApp, the famous messaging application has opted for temporary messages that disappear after a certain time, however, now they are going to go one step further thanks to a future function.

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It has been leaked that WhatsApp will allow you to send messages that can only be read once, following the steps of the photos and videos found self destructionbut we don’t have to wait for WhatsApp to launch this future function to be able to send messages that can only be read once, since the application hides a trick to do so.

The trick is to use the photos that can only be viewed once, since the tool allows us to add text to our images.

Therefore, if we want to send a message that our contact can only read once, we can use the following steps.

Within the conversation, click on the camera icon to send a photo, here we can choose from our gallery an image of a flat color that we have downloaded as the background of our text, or, the fastest option, cover the back of the camera. our mobile with your arm or on the table to take a black or very dark photo.


The next step is to click on the text tool that appears at the top right of the image editor.

There we can change the color of the text by sliding our finger through the color palette and change the font of the text by clicking on the top button of the T.

Once our text has been written, we just have to click on the ‘1’ icon that appears to the right of the “Add a comment…” field so that our image with the written text can only be seen once.

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