How you can activate the ‘Christmas mode’ of WhatsApp Code List

With Christmas Eve getting closer, there are few who are not already invaded by the Christmas spirit: lights, trees, crowns… begin to shine in streets and houses. Now for some people this may fall short and they choose to decorate for christmas everything at your fingertips. This includes mobile apps.

Among the applications that are most used is WhatsApp and, how could it be otherwise, activating the ‘Christmas mode’ can be tempting for many users. But how is it?

The reality is that there is no mode as such, but it is the name that the Internet has popularized to refer to some changes that different users are making. Among them, Put a hat on the WhatsApp logo.

How to customize WhatsApp for Christmas

The first, and easiest, is to change the background of our chat. In ‘Settings’ (in iOS, ‘Settings’ in Android), ‘Chat’ you can change the image after our messages.

From this point, all you have to do is choose a wallpaper. It can be anything from a solid color like red or green to a Christmas image (like a snowy night or the silhouette of the Three Kings) downloaded from an image bank.

The second step, and the one that indicates to the world how much we live Christmas, is to change the profile picture. Whether for a selfie with a ugly christmas sweater or with friends and family.

The third, already for the most passionate, is to increase the sticker library with a wide range of Christmas stickers. These can be achieved through the ‘Discover Sticker Apps’ options on iOS or ‘Get More Stickers’ on Android.

Put the hat on the logo

This step already requires an external application and is only valid for people who have an Android mobile.

First of all, you have to download the app new launcher, which allows you to customize the application icons. To put a Christmas hat on the WhatsApp logo we will simply have to download the image from Google making sure that it is in PNG format (which allows transparency).

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