I am a proud polygamist – Yul Edochie

Actor Yule Edochie has said that he is a very proud polygamist.

He says he’s saying this with his whole chest out and no one can do anything about it.

He made it known in a post shared on social media.

The Nigerian actor backed up his position with a quote from the Bible.

“I am a very proud polygamist.
With my chest full.
Read Exodus 21 vs 10.
The Bible recognizes polygamy.
is my destiny
God directed me to do it.
So I can give my son a proper identity.
Therefore he came with many blessings,
Blessings on me, blessings on my wife Queen May to calm her down because as a human being she’s definitely not going to be happy about it, and blessings on my wife Judy as well.
I am a very solid man of God.
With such grace.
You may not understand my life and say negative things about me, I won’t blame you.
It’s my life not yours.
So you’re not supposed to understand it.
Dear Lord, I recognize your abundant blessings in my life, in my family and I just want to say THANK YOU LORD.
My mouth will forever bear witness to your goodness.
May your Mighty Name be praised forever and ever, Amen.”

Yul Edochie was attacked by women after announcing that he had a child with another woman, Judy Austin, and intends to marry her.

His wife, May Yul Edochie, didn’t seem to like the idea of ​​her husband marrying a second wife, but the actor stood his ground and made a decision that will make him feel comfortable.

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