Idaho murders: signs someone is hiding a terrible secret –

MOSCOW, Idaho (NewsNation) — For more than five weeks, someone has been carrying the secret that four people were murdered in Moscow, Idaho.

Is it possible that the killer is exhibiting strange new behaviors, giving off telltale signals that would be huge red flags?

On Tuesday, NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield asked Robin Dreeke, a retired FBI special agent and head of Counterintelligence’s Behavioral Analysis Program, what kinds of signals people in Moscow should look out for.

Dreeke says to stay present and watch “what deviates from someone’s normal behavior.”

“We’ve all experienced this… We can always tell when someone is having a really good day or a really bad day, because we pick up a lot of non-verbal cues,” Dreeke told “Banfield.” “The challenge in this situation is as more time passes, the likelihood that the personality type starts to lean more likely toward psychopathy and lack of empathy.”

There are currently two members of the Behavioral Analysis Unit who were assigned by the FBI to this case, and that number has remained the same from the beginning. Dreeke says that’s good news.

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