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In May 2022, the Government of India will organize an Inter-Ministerial Task Force on Online Gaming, consisting of various ministries and NITI Aayog, to analyze various features of online gaming and design a framework for gaming regulation. sector. In recent times, the web gaming industry, despite its rapid development, has faced regulatory challenges from state governments that have generally conflated talented web gaming with gambling and gambling.

Therefore, many of these state governments have tried to ban online talent games within their respective territories. While many of those authorized bans have been struck down in excessive courts, this has resulted in regional fragmentation for the gaming industry and a major loss of investor confidence.

Advice from the inter-ministerial task force on online gaming included the creation of the latest central laws to regulate the sector. It was anticipated that this proposal would address the fragmentation of legislation in all states and create a mechanism to distinguish online gaming talent from betting and gaming. The proposal was also expected to bring greater legibility and regulatory stability to the online gaming industry, giving the industry a substantial boost.

In addition, suggestions from the executive branch were expected to stop the proliferation of illegal gaming platforms within the country. Different suggestions from the power in power, as reported by the media, included establishing mechanisms to repair grievances and measures for the safety of people.

However, a recent Reuters report has recommended that central authorities do not feel comfortable implementing any method to differentiate talent games from gambling, due to a lack of legal legibility. There was no readability as to how Central Authorities will solve the problem of state smart fragmentation of regulation and the threat of offshore gambling sites without differentiating between talent and probability games, and depending on the platforms, any regulation that does not. make. remedying that problem may be ineffective within the development of the business.

India Plans Federal Supervision Of All Online Real Money Gambling: All India Gaming Federation Shares Its Perspective

Welcoming the regulation by Central Authorities, Roland Landers, CEO, All India Gaming Federation states that “As the main trading body for online gaming, we welcome an efficient and forward-thinking central regulatory framework. We have been engaging with inter-ministerial working power and have come up with detailed representations of the requirements, including client safety, age limit, fair play and many others. to be adopted for all online gaming talent.”

The All India Gaming Federation under its Constitution already requires its more than 100 members to institute various customer security and due diligence measures. However, we currently have over 1,000 gaming companies in India, so having a central framework will ensure that the company as a whole takes strong customer protection and complaint redress measures.”

In recent times, the industry has been faced with a situation where state governments have conflated skill games with the gaming industry and tried to ban them, causing fragmentation in the industry. This has happened despite 60 years of Supreme Court jurisprudence and several excessive courts on games of wit.

“We are hopeful that centralized regulation will solve this problem of state fragmentation and unconstitutional state bans. Such readability will enhance investor confidence and allow the company to develop at a faster pace.” added.

The draft regulations for the current Data Technology Law are expected to be published next month, and after that, the authorities are supposed to start working on a complete stand-alone law for online gaming. Online gaming is currently a $2.5 billion industry today, and businesses and merchants are prepared for the laws as that could settle the long-term trajectory of this industry and determine whether or not India can compete. . with China and the US on the world stage of online gaming.

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