Influencer asks his followers for help to pay debt with Hacienda Código Lista

Waldemar Santos Flores, known on social networks as “Waldys Off Roads” and his wife, Arlene M. Jiménez Rodríguez, will face trial for the crime of tax evasion.

The determination was made known by the influencer and youtuber in a video that he posted on his accounts and in which he questions whether he would go to jail in the case “Puerto Rico vs. my family”.

And it is that, although at first he stated that the Treasury Department did not want to accept his offers to avoid facing legal proceedings and a possible prison sentence, yesterday he published another video asking for funds to pay off the debt.

“They are looking at the title that says there, practically asking for help. Those who love from the heart and those who will not be there, ”she said in the YouTube video titled ‘I need your HELP Plan B Followers and Friends of Waldys Off Road’.

As he accepted, the Treasury made him an offer to pay half of the funds owed and then make a payment plan for the rest of the money.

Santos Flores and his wife were indicted on April 6 for owing $900,000 in contributions to the Department of the Treasury. Specifically, the defendants face 14 charges for violation of section 6030.16 (a), penalty for filing returns, statements, affidavits and fraudulent claims, of the Puerto Rico Internal Revenue Code of 2011, as amended. It is alleged that they omitted income from taxable years 2017 to 2020.

However, Santos Flores said that the amount increased.

“It is quite a large sum. It is not the one that was said the first time. An agreement has already been reached. But, anyway, for a person like me, well, they are exorbitant numbers. I am not a millionaire person. I am a person who works and works hard, ”she said, without specifying the number.

In the video requesting help, a GoFundMe address was attached in which monetary collaboration is requested. So far, she has raised $19,430, when the goal is $700,000.

The message on the page indicates that the applicant is “Erik Jiménez, brother-in-law of Waldemar Santos (better known as Waldys Off Road) and brother of Arlene Jiménez.”

“Because of mismanaging accounts by their financial advisor for 4 years, they are in a serious financial situation directly linked to the Department of the Treasury and consequently they have the possibility of going to jail. I opened this GoFundMe account to support them and collect the funds they need to be able to pay the Department of the Treasury. The total amount will almost triple the original debt due to the sanctions, fines and surcharges that are required for this mismanagement and advice,” it was established.

After the disclosure of the fundraising campaign for Santos Flores and his wife, the spokesman for the Treasury, Vilmar Trinta, stated that the agency “does not intervene or interfere in the mechanisms used by a taxpayer to obtain the resources to comply with their obligation tax”. as long as it’s legal.”

Meanwhile, regarding donations, Trinta explained that “according to the Internal Revenue Code, they are generally not subject to taxes to the extent that there are no considerations in exchange for said donations.”

Before applying for the funds, the influencer announced Wednesday that she would go to trial.

“Unfortunately, then, the case will go to trial. After eight months trying to reach an agreement, well, we have not been able to reach an agreement, since the government (the Treasury Department) has not accepted any of the offers that I have made and they have not thrown any offers at me. To be honest, this has been a very, very slow process.”

“My intention has always been to find a way to pay. His intention is to collect the money. But, to pay so that one can continue living and can continue with my family and support them, ”she added.

On the other hand, the influencer assured that she will put this problem in the hands of God “so that it ends now” and that the entire judicial process she is facing has been “extremely difficult.”

“This has already happened to a level that we did not want,” he concluded.

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