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Awakencheerful is the latest website that caught the attention of users and they are wondering if it is a scam or legit site. If you are looking at the custom products on this viral website, we suggest you read this review first. By the end of this review, you will get all the details on whether Awakencheerful is a scam or a legit website.

Christmas is only a month away and people are searching online for gifts to give their loved ones. In the midst of this, several online shoppers ended up on ‘’, which is a viral website that offers various custom product options.

Although the website has a large collection of products, buyers are reluctant to buy from this site as they consider it a potential scam.

It is important for buyers to check the legitimacy of websites before blindly trusting them. There are several ways to identify fraudulent websites. The first and most important factor in evaluating the legitimacy of any online platform is to analyze customer reviews. If you can’t find any customer reviews, look up the website’s trust score. There are several online tools that can help you find the trust score of websites. If the trusted detectors give you an average score, the website is trustworthy and if it has a low score, the website is a potential scam.

If you do not have enough skills to assess the legitimacy of the website, then you can check out our blog as we provide unbiased reviews of all the popular websites.

The last website we are going to test is Awakencheerful, here is whether this site is a scam or legit.

Is Awakencheerful a scam or legit?

Before we delve into whether Awakencheerful is a scam or legit, let’s first see what the website is about.

As explained above, Awakencheerful is a viral web portal that helps people make personalized gifts for their loved ones. From Christmas gifts to birthday gifts and much more, the website helps create amazing personalized products.

Some of the featured products we were able to spot on this site include:

  • Christmas presents
  • garden products
  • protective masks
  • pest repellents
  • fashion bra
  • Shapewear Bra

The website further claims to have the best quality products that they sell at reasonable prices. They have also claimed that they make sure to deliver the products on time.

The website also offers discounts on all its products. It offers up to 60% discount on all its products, which makes the website suspicious. In order to assess whether the website is legit or a scam, we have evaluated the website on the following factors:

  • domain age
  • trust score
  • Owner Details
  • Contact number
  • customer feedback

Let’s look at these factors in more detail.

Awakencheerful Customer Reviews

Image Of Awakencheerful Customer Reviews

1. Domain age

Domain age is one of the most important factors that help us determine if a website is legit or a scam. If the website has enough experience serving its customers, the website is legit and if it is relatively new, the chances of it being a scam are higher. Regarding the age of the Awakencheerful website, the Awakencheerful domain registration date is 26the October 2022. It means that the website is more than 2 years old. It is a positive point.

2. Trust score

The website’s trust score index shows a score of 86%, which is above average and therefore a plus point. We often suggest our readers buy from websites with a high trust score, so Awakencheerful fits this category.

3. Data of the owner

Owner details are not provided on the website.

4. Contact details

The website has provided false contact details. The number the site has provided is available on various other scam sites. Furthermore, the content of the website is also plagiarized.

5. Customer reviews

We were able to spot some customer reviews on Awakencheerful’s social platforms, but the majority of the reviews are negative.

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final verdict

Based on all available information, we have concluded that Awakencheerful is a potentially scam site and buyers should not trust it at this time.

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