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The latest clothing store that has caught the eye of online shoppers is Hyurant Limited, with shoppers looking to find out if it is a scam or a legit website. The website has an eye-catching collection of winter clothing and it is also available at reasonable prices. If you are willing to buy products from this site, we suggest that you read this unbiased review first. By the end of this review, you will be able to decide if this website is a scam or a legit portal.

Online shoppers all over the world are encountering fraudulent websites as the number of fake sites has reached an alarming level. Considering these scam sites, online shoppers have now started relying on customer reviews and other online methods to verify the legitimacy of online websites.

Checking the legitimacy of online websites should be a common practice that all online shoppers should adopt. It really is a valuable practice, as it helps you identify scams and legitimate websites, saving you time and money.

Considering the increasing number of online scams, buyers should spend enough time checking the legitimacy of the websites. In most cases, online shoppers get sucked in by the attractive offers. Therefore, it is worth mentioning that lower prices, deep discounts and attractive offers are the traps to steal your money.

So, to spend your time and resources productively, make sure you invest your time reading related customer reviews. If you don’t have enough time to look for reviews and assess the legitimacy of the website, you can simply check out our blog as we present unbiased reviews for all the trending online websites.

Is Hyurant Limited a scam or legit?

Before coming to the conclusion whether Hyurant Limited is a scam or a legit website, let’s first see what the website has displayed on its digital shelves.

Viral online portal Hyurant Limited is a clothing store that has a huge collection of lanyards and matching hoodies. The website mainly caters to the fashion demands of men. It also has a special category where it has exhibited a wide variety of matching family pajamas. You can also find Santa Claus costumes and Christmas decoration items here on this website.

It has also shown some products like folding camping chairs, wine barrels and original beds and sheets at great discounts.

The website also offers great discounts on men’s fashion. The most striking deal the website has mentioned is: “Buy 2 for 8% off, Buy 3 for 15% off, Buy 5 for 20% off, Buy 10 for 40% off.” The website also has a free return policy.

In determining whether or not this website is a scam, we have evaluated it based on the following factors:

  • domain age
  • Contact details
  • trust score
  • customer feedback
  • Presence in Social Networks
  • plagiarized content

We are going to discuss all these factors in detail.

Customer Reviews of Hyurant Limited

Image from customer reviews of Hyurant Limited

1. Domain age

As regards the domain of Hyurant Limited, it was registered on the 20th ofthe June 2022, which means the site is only a few months old. Considering the age of the domain, the website appears to be risky. Therefore, buyers should not trust it for now.

2. Contact details

The website has provided an email address, but the contact number is nowhere to be found. He has also not provided the address of his store. It is again a negative point.

3. Trust score

The confidence score for Hyurant Limited is 1%. This is a bad score. Once again, a red flag!

4. Customer reviews

We were unable to find any customer reviews for Hyurant Limited, either on their site or anywhere else on the Internet. Again a negative point!

5. Presence on social networks

The website is not linked to any of the social media sites. It is again a negative point.

6. Plagiarized content

The available website content looks original. Again it is a positive point.

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final thoughts

After evaluating all available factors, we have come to the conclusion that Hyurant Limited is a potentially fraudulent site. Therefore, buyers should not trust it for now.

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