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Mobyea is a viral website known for its huge collection of products, however, some buyers argue that the website is a scam. If you are among the confused users who want to make a deal with Mobyea, then you should read this unbiased review first. By the end of this article, you will be able to assess whether Mobyea is a scam or not.

In recent years, online shopping has received more attention than before and people trust online shopping portals more. Considering this growing interest from people, several startups have joined the e-commerce platforms and are selling their products by reaching their target customers faster.

The growing number of online businesses has also provided more product choices for users, so they rely on online shopping rather than resorting to conventional marketing. There are several benefits of shopping online as it allows users to have their products delivered to their doorstep. Also, buyers get more options to choose from. Also, they can get affordable products online.

Although the advantages of buying online are several, we must not forget the inconvenience that it entails. The first and most important factor to pay attention to is the growing number of fraudulent websites. Following the growing interest of buyers in online platforms, criminals have also had a strong online presence. Therefore, there are chances that you will fall victim to these scam sites if you do not pay attention to the legitimacy of the sites before making a deal with them.

In today’s blog, we will help you know if Mobyea is a scam or a legit site and whether you should trust it or not.

Is Mobyea a scam or legit?

Before going into the details of whether Mobyea is a scam or legit website, let’s first see what the website has to offer its customers.

As mentioned above, Mobyea deals in a wide variety of products. The featured products that we were able to spot on the website are as follows:

  • golf games
  • sculptures
  • bags
  • Blankets
  • decorative objects

As the website sells a wide variety of products, you can find several beneficial products on a single website. The website further claims to have the best customer service team and also claims to have the best quality products.

Also, the website offers free shipping on orders over $58. But are these products legit and is Mobyea trustworthy? We have evaluated the website on the following factors:

  • domain age
  • Contact details
  • trust score
  • Presence in Social Networks
  • customer feedback
  • Physical address

Let’s evaluate the above factors in detail.

Mobyea Customer Reviews

Image from Mobyea customer reviews

domain age

Mobyea checked in on the 15ththe November 2022. It means the website is barely a month old. We do not suggest our readers to trust websites that have a small domain because such websites are often scams. So for Mobyea either, we can’t declare you a legit website based on the age of your domain.

Contact details

The website has provided all the required contact details. Along with a contact number, the website has also provided an email address.

trust score

The website has gotten a trust score of 1%, which is a pathetic score. This again is a negative point and we cannot declare that the website is legit.

Presence in Social Networks

The website is not available on any of the social media platforms, which is a negative point. Companies that do not have a presence on social media cannot be trusted. You’ve provided the social media icons, but the links are broken and not connected to any social media identifiers. Although Mobyea has provided social media icons, the links are broken.

customer feedback

We were able to spot some customer reviews about Mobyea on Facebook that the website is a scam.

Physical address

The physical address and details of the owner are missing, which again is a negative.

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the final verdict

Based on all available information, we have concluded that Mobyea looks like a scam. Therefore, buyers should not currently trust it.

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