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This Sunday, December 18, the World Cup final was played between the teams of Argentina and France, which ended with the victory of the South Americans in an exciting match that ended 3-3 between the two teams after 120 minutes of play.

It wasn’t until kicks from the penalty spot that Lionel Messi’s team prevailed 4-2 and won their third world crown in their history.

The PSG Argentinian’s performance was stellar, scoring twice in the game and converting his penalty. He established himself as the best player of the tournament by registering seven goals and three assists in the World Cup, being surpassed in scoring only by his teammate, the Frenchman Kylian Mbappé, who reached eight goals and two assists.

The reactions in the world did not wait after the historic triumph of Messi and the Argentine team, among them, several leaders demonstrated to celebrate the victory of the South Americans.

One of them was the president of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, who through his Twitter account paraphrased one of the iconic phrases of the Argentine attacker. “What are you looking at silly? Go there!” the president tweeted.

At the time of publication, the Salvadoran president’s tweet had more than 9,000 retweets, 500 quoted tweets, and almost 60,000 “likes.” Likewise, the statement of the Central American president received more than a thousand responses, among those who attack Bukele, such as those who applaud his fanaticism for the Argentine star who today was proclaimed world champion for the first time in his entire career after trying it in four other world cups trying .

The story of “What are you looking at, silly, go there”

The iconic phrase of the Argentine attacker was given after the match between Argentina and the Netherlandsin which the albiceleste team triumphed again in the kicks from the penalty mark, winning 4-3 in those kicks after a 2-2 draw in the 120 minute game, which was full of friction and controversy between the players of both teams .

After the match and the Argentine triumph, Messi spoke to the media and took the opportunity to vent all his anger at what had happened with the tournament judge and incidentally with a rival who was witnessing his statements.

When Argentina’s 10 answered questions from the TyC Sports channel, he stared at what looked like a rival behind the camera. Leaving aside what the journalist told him, Messi came out and yelled at him “What are you looking at, silly, what are you looking at? Go to there”.

The event immediately went viral on social networks where thousands of users point out that these words were addressed to the striker who scored the two goals, Weghorst, who plays for Besiktas in the Turkish league. And Messi’s statements came after the Dutch striker was discussing with several Argentines after finishing the game.

Lionel Messi of Argentina celebrates with the trophy and fans after winning the World Cup – Photo: REUTERS

“Come on, Diego, from heaven”

Messi’s request for divine help to Maradona went viral on social networks, from idol to idol when in Gonzalo Montiel’s final shot, the star Lionel exclaimed: “Come on Diego, from heaven”, invoking the deceased footballer who could give them a hand for the ball to touch the net and they managed to release the sacred cry of “champions”.

That’s how it went. The designs of football allowed it and Messi was seen falling to his knees grateful with life, with Maradona, with God in whom he trusted: “It’s impressive that it could end this way. I knew, I knew, that I said it at a time that God was going to give it to me. I had a feeling that it was going to be this, once again it made me enormously happy.

“There is nothing after this, what will there be? After winning the Copa América and the World Cup, they gave it to me almost at the end of my career. But, on the other hand, I love football, I enjoy what I do, I enjoy the National Team, ”he added, already in the mixed zone of the Lusail stadium.

Proud of having achieved everything that can be won in football, he declared: “Everyone wants this (the Cup), it is anyone’s dream. I was lucky to have achieved everything in my career and now this is going there to enjoy it with you. Obviously, I’m not going to review matches, we had to be champions and we are. It’s time to enjoy ”, he finished.

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