Jamal TikTok Star Dead or alive?

In fact, TikTok is a great social media platform that gives you a space to create and watch short-form videos, but not everything is rosy, it has its drawbacks. The spread of misleading information on social media is not new. Every day we read a ton of stuff online on social media, which may be true, but often isn’t. Recently, many users are investigating whether the young TikToker jamalis dead or alive after the meme “Jamal Did It” went viral all over the world.

Here you will learn everything about Jamal the TikToker, who he is, if the death rumor is true or not, if Jamal was shot and killed in Houston and many more things you need to know.

Who is Jamal TikToker?

Abraham Clinkscales is the real person behind the “Jamal did it” meme. He is quite active on the social media platform and has been consistently praised for his unique content creation. According to his Instagram bio, he is popularly known as Jamal‘ and is a renowned actor and athlete.

Recently, he became a victim of fake news, all his fans were confused by his recent posts about the popular Tik Tok death star they were making the rounds.

What happened in the “Jamal did it” meme

On TikTok in April 2022, a meme first appeared about a young black man who was wrongly accused of a crime like stealing chicken from KFC. Four suspects are seen in the meme, three of whom are white and one of whom is carrying a chicken. The fourth is a new black baby named “Lulquidication Daquan”.

A few months later, the boy was given the name Jamal, and the role was inspired by a photo of a young actor named Abraham Clinkscales. Videos soon began circulating online of the young man accused of everything from kidnapping to cookie theft. However, each time the image of him was followed by images of white people who are never to blame.

The meme satirically and humorously addressed racial stereotypes that favor whites. Netizens, however, harshly criticized the meme for its implications and for tolerating this type of stereotyping.

The caption for these posts read: “Jamal shot to death in Houston.” It is also included in some of the publications “Famous TikTok celebrity shot dead in HoustonHowever, you can simply debunk this news by searching online.

Is Jamal alive or dead?

First he altered the image to read, “Jamal shot to death in Houston,” and then news of his death broke. Later, he posted another, which read: “Famous TikTok star shot to death in Houston.”

Abraham, who appeared in the viral photo as a baby-faced youth, is now believed to be in his 20s. He’s aware of Jamal’s prank, certainly.

As stated, the photo of Jamal, which was the reason behind the rumor of his death, is actually a photo of himself, Abraham Clinkscales. It was an edited image and was only done to confuse others. Famous TikTok star Abraham Clinkscales aka, Jamal is still alive and doing well..

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