Jamey Tucker’s father ‘Wayne Tucker’ dies at 81


We want to tell you the sad and shocking news that Wayne Tucker recently passed away. Jamey Tucker, who used to work for WKRN-TV, was born to Wayne Tucker. Jamey Tucker’s father is no longer one of his close relatives because he died on Monday. His family and friends are very saddened by his death. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES newsyorbits.com

When the news of his death hit the internet, it quickly spread to many social networking sites. Many people are sending messages of condolences to Jamey Tucker’s family. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES TWITTER

Jamey Tucker’s father, Wayne Tucker, dies

Since Wayne Tucker’s death, the news spread on social media and became very popular on many of them. Now many people want to know more about Wayne Tucker and how he died. So, according to the news, Wayne Tucker, the father of former WKRN-TV reporter Jamey Tucker, recently died. Wayne Tucker died on December 19, 2022. No one yet knows what caused his death, and it’s still up in the air. If we discover anything new, we’ll let you know.


His son, Jamey Tucker, has confirmed that Wayne Tucker has died. He broke the sad news on Facebook writing: “My godfather passed away this morning. Wayne Tucker, my father, died while he was sleeping, which was different from how he lived. Wayne Tucker was 81 years old when he died.

The news is very sad for everyone who knew him because it means they lost a loved one. Over the past year Wayne Tucker has had several strokes and in October he had a major one. He’s come to the right place to learn more about the news, which we’ll do in this article.

Jamey Tucker’s father ‘Wayne Tucker’ dies at 81: cause of death and obituary


Jamy Tucker used to be a reporter for WKRN, an ABC television station in Nashville. In 2015, he started the What the Tech? to tell important customer technology stories. Jamey Tucker had this to say about his father: “After high school, my dad moved to the city and started knocking on doors to find work.” He served on the Springville City Council for more than 42 years. Since the death of Jamy Tucker’s father was reported online, many people have sent their condolences to his family.


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