Jive Mini Pods

Jive Mini Pods Headphones Were Voted Most Innovative Earbuds

Jive Mini Pods HeadphonesSupposing that you are seeking for wireless earbuds for iPod/Phone with nice sound quality but have not enough budget to buy more expensive earbuds in sound quality, then this Jive Mini Pods headphones may be a better choice.

If you have used Jive Mini Pods, you will be attracted by its great battery, sound quality and aptx, yes, this mode is catering to those Jive fans.

If you have no Jive, Someone recommends to buy the Jive instead of Ipone, Why? The Jive is an excellent wireless earbud with lower price. If you have less money than usual, you have no need to spend an extra $30 for the improved features and performance.

Jive Mini Pods

Smaller, lighter, Better sound quality and More comfortable design

This set of headphones are definitely improved over the original version-JF3, you can enjoy more comfortable design and better sound quality when coming to sound quality, it is quite great, although it could not compare with those professional headphones such as beats, it is also quite nice, clear, loud..and good bass.

Good fit for a runner ,weight training…truly sweatproof

The Jive earbud fit in the ear comfortably and won’t come to lose even after running.. they are absolutely sweat proof. So you could enjoy your iPod even when working out. They are a good fit for most of your daily usage.

Pros and cons


  • Amazing sound reproduction
  • Two different holders, you can choose, very comfortable for use
  • Call reception, nice noise-isolating feature
  • A fairly high-cost performance, when comes to price vs build, sound, design quality
  • Having higher customer popularity


  •  Deficient battery life and charge time when compared to some excellent earbuds brand.
  •  The cumbersome power button and Bluetooth access.

Where to Buy Good Cheap Wireless Earbuds?

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That said, just you unexpected, no we can’t do. I personally like Jive Mini Pods Headphones, because it is not only have the function the Plantronics BackBeat GO 2 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds have, but also improved the quality of the sounds and increase a new function. As its name expresses: just let your hands free and let your ears enjoy the best voice from the world. Therefore, investing In-Ear Headphones For iPod under $35 is the best way to go.
Jive Mini Pods Earbuds