Johnny Depp once made a movie that he felt would not be successful just to work with Christopher Walken

Johnny Depp has always been a big fan of his fellow actor christopher walken. So when Depp got the chance to act alongside his idol, it was an offer he couldn’t pass up. Even if it meant making a movie that he had reservations about.

Johnny Depp made ‘Nick of Time’ after everyone accused him of playing the weirdo

johnny depp | Gisela Schober/Getty Images

Just in time was a 1995 feature film starring Johnny Depp as an unwitting pawn in a plot to assassinate a prominent political figure. Their Just in time the role was a bit unconventional for Depp given the movies he usually chose at the time. Depp was primarily known for playing characters who stood out from most people in society in some way. But Just in time it had Depp playing the straight man.

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