Juccebox 2.0 Juul Portable Charger Reviews $ Complete Info

Juccebox ReviewsJuccebox Reviews: What do you do when you are at the beach, out for the night, or away for the weekend and your Juul® blinks red? You better hope that someone has a powerbank – otherwise, you’re bumming hits off someone else’s device until they cut you off. If any of this sounds familiar, the Juccebox™ is for you.

Juccebox Reviews: Stay In Charge

Never Run Out of Battery: The Juccebox Reviews™ has a small LCD screen to track your battery, and charges your Juul® whenever you aren’t using it.

Keep Track of Your Juul® Pods: Keep one pod in your device, and store the other 3 right next to it. When you buy a new pack of Juul® pods, pop one in your device and the other 3 in the case.

No More Lost Chargers: Keep your Juccebox™ charged with a MicroUSB cable instead of constantly losing your charger or trying to plug your device into hard-to-reach USB ports.

Stop Searching For Your Juul®: No more frantic pocket checks or digging under the seat in the car. The Juccebox™ makes your Juul® easy to carry, and hard to lose.

People Love the Juccebox 2.0 Juul Portable Charger

“I came across the Juccebox 2.0 Juul Portable Charger™ while I was looking around for the best alternatives for charging my Juul®, but I had never really thought about using a case. I love that I know exactly how much battery is left on the screen, but most importantly this case has literally paid for itself with all of the pods and devices that I used to lose before I got it.”

Benefits Of Product Juccebox Juul Charger

  • Charge Time: Less Than 1 hour for a full charge from a completely dead battery
  • Capacity: Lithium ion 700mAh – Good for 3 extra Juul® charges
  • Display: Precise power screen shows the exact battery remaining
  • Easy to Carry: 4 x 0.6 x 0.8 in and 38g. Smaller than your wallet, and lighter than a golf ball.
  • Power and Connectors: MicroUSB 5V 1A DC – the same as an Android device

What Are You Waiting For?

“Going out for a long night was basically a guarantee that my Juul® would die and I’d be bumming hits off of anyone who still had some battery left. Now I’m the only one left with a green light by the end of the night – my friends all beg to use my Juccebox™ to get a charge!”

“I had another Juul® case for a while and I loved being able to carry all of my stuff in one place, but it was a metal case and the corners were actually sharp enough that they started to cut into my pockets. It looked cool, but I like the Juccebox™ a lot more. It’s easy to carry, and most importantly for me, it’s a lot more comfortable than the other options.”

“I’m not even sure how many chargers I lost before I started using the Juccebox™ , but I honestly couldn’t even tell you where my original Juul® charger is at this point. MicroUSB cables are so much easier to keep track of or borrow if I need some power, and I don’t have to worry about losing my Juul® in the couch or under the seat in my car”