Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Profession, Internet Price & More

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Biography, Wiki, Age, Family, Profession, Internet Price & More

Katie Leung is a Scottish actress who plays Cho Chang in the Harry Potter movies.

She appeared in the 2017 movie. T2: Locating trains, also starring Kelly Macdonald and Shirley Henderson. Leung has two levels of BA in Imaging and Theatre, which she obtained from the Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland respectively.

katie leung

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Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Biography

Katie Leung’s father, Peter Leung, is a Hong Kong-born businessman and restaurateur who set up an organization in Glasgow. Her mother, Kar Wai Li, is a banker.

Katie was born in Dundee, which is in Scotland. After her mother moved back to Hong Kong when she was three years old, she continued in Scotland along with her father, stepmother and the rest of her siblings.

This was after her mother and father divorced when she was three years old. Due to the work her father did, Leung spent her childhood in several different towns in Scotland, along with Ayr, Hamilton and Motherwell. After elementary college, she acquired her secondary education at Hamilton College.

katie leung
katie leung

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Early Life

Katie was born in Dundee, Scotland on August 8, 1987, to parents Peter and Kar Wai Li Leung. She spent most of her youth at Motherwell, which is located in North Lanarkshire.

Her mother and father separated when she was a toddler and she spent her teenage years living with her Hong Kong-born father, stepmother, brother Jonathan, and her three half-siblings, Nichole, Darren, and Will.

His mom remarried and moved to the United States. In addition to working at a restaurant in Glasgow, her father also owns a wholesale company that focuses on Chinese delicacies.

Cantonese and Mandarin are two of the opposing languages ​​that Leung is fluent in along with English. Leung studied at Hamilton College, a prestigious private institution located in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire, Scotland. At the moment, she could also be seen residing in London.

Katie has traveled to many different countries, some of which include the United States of America, Japan, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Top and Weight

Katie Leung has a 5 finger 4 inch beak and weighs approximately 53 kilograms. Similarly, she has a toned physique with a chest that measures 34 inches, a waist that measures 23 inches, and hips that measure 34 inches. She possesses dark brown eyes along with her jet black hair.

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Home

Katie Leung’s mom and dad are Peter and Kar Wai Li Leung. Peter Leung is the name of the person, and he is a businessman by trade. His father is his inspiration.

Katie Leung is shown here along with her dad.

Kar Wai Li Leung is the name of the woman who raised her and works as a banker in Hong Kong.

There are two brothers and a sister in her house; His names are Darren Leung and Jonathan Leung. His sister’s name is Nichole Leung. Katie Leung is not currently in a committed relationship with anyone. The name Eric Caira belongs to her lover.

katie leung
katie leung

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Controversy

Katie Leung revealed in March 2021 that after her appearance in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, she was subjected to a great deal of racist harassment and abuse.

The on-screen kiss that occurred between Katie and Daniel Radcliffe, who played Harry Potter, gained high regard from the media. Katie was the subject of racist comments, while she received praise from many Harry Potter fans.

There was a website dedicated to creating racist comments about Katie that was dubbed “I Hate Katie.” Katie was instructed by her publicist to express her disagreement on the matter at the time she was questioned about it.

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): During an interview, you said that

I can still distinctly remember being told, “Oh look Katie, we haven’t seen these, these websites that people are talking about.” It’s always better to answer this way if they ask you about it: “No, that’s not true.”

Say it’s not happening, and I did little more than nod. Even if I had witnessed it with my own eyes, I responded with “Okay, okay.” After that, I thought, “Okay, wonderful, I’ll just say that everything is improbable,” and I left it at that.

katie leung
katie leung

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Profession

  • Leung’s father saw a commercial for a casting name for Harry Potter and the Goblet in the Hearth and was very helpful to her. He spent four hours in line for a five-minute audition, knowing he had little chance of getting half of it. She was called back for a workshop two weeks later and introduced herself as Cho Chang, beating out over 3,000 other women for the role.
  • In retrospect, she commented in an interview with Diario Diario that her Scottish accent definitely gave her an advantage in the casting, as the casting director asked the women who came to the audition, “Is there anyone here from Scotland?” Solely Leung raised her hand.
  • In a 2011 interview, Leung said that his favorite memory of the Harry Potter experience was the first audition, as it was attended by both his father and mother, who were divorced at the time. “It was quite a special day as my mother and father hadn’t seen a different one for a long, long time,” Leung said.
  • In an unusual move toward a market not used to regular movie star visits at the time, Warner Bros. sent Leung to China within the second week of the film’s release with the intention of heavily promoting Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
  • Leung read the short audio narration Off Course for Bibliophone in June 2021. The narration was chosen as the winner of a charity writing competition to benefit the Scottish Refugee Council.
  • Since then, Leung has had recurring components on the Alibi series Annika as DC Blair Ferguson, the Netflix series Arcane as Caitlyn, and the Amazon Prime Video series The Peripheral as Ash.
  • She is also related to a deliberate Paramount+ series adaptation of Simon Beckett’s book The Chemistry of Demise, but her character is still unknown.

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Awards and Achievements

  • High 4 Excellent Newcomer Award at Asian Excellence Award in 2006
  • Scotland’s Most Fashionable Woman of 2007
  • No. 80 on Cosmogirl’s Scorching 100 Checklist in 2007
  • BAFTA preview British 21 in 2014
katie leung
katie leung

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Filmography

year Title Position
2021 Arcane Caitlin
2011 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 cho chang
2009 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Online game) cho chang
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
2008 Agatha Christie’s Poirot (Cat among the pigeons) hsui tai
2007 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (online game) cho chang
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
2005 Harry Potter and the Goblet in the Hearth

Katie Leung (The Peripheral): Internet Price

Katie Leung is estimated to have an internet quote of $5 million. Due to her work within the leisure trade, she has amassed a large amount of fortune. She has been provided with new information that she needs to examine and provides some food for thought.

The actress, who is now 35 years old and has been working in the entertainment industry for the last twenty years, has appeared in numerous critically acclaimed films as well as critically acclaimed television series, including the Harry Potter films. , which are among the most acclaimed. commercially profitable movies of all time.

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Quick details:

Title katie leung
full title katie liu leung
internet price $5 million
Start date August 8, 1987
Years 35 years old
starting place Dundee, United Kingdom
Currently stay in London
Career actress and mannequin
Debut television sequence: Agatha Christie’s Poirot (2008)
Movie: Harry Potter and the Goblet in the Hearth (2005)
animated years 2004 – present
known position Cho Chang in the Warner Brothers feature film Harry Potter and the Goblet in the Hearth (2005)
Nationality Scottish
Faith scientology
ethnicity cantonese
Native city Dundee
zodiac sign Lion
University/Excessive University Native High School in Scotland
Faculty/College Edinburgh College of Art and Royal Conservatoire of Scotland
Training Qualification Graduate


  • In her spare time, she enjoys shopping, playing the guitar and piano, listening to music, and spending time with family and friends.
  • He likes animals and has a pet canine named Bao the Cloud.
  • A self-confessed introvert, Katie is soft-spoken and spends most of her time watching movies and playing video games while drinking wine.
  • Katie has been interested in acting and images since childhood and sometimes posts images of her acting on her social media accounts.
  • According to Katie, her Scottish accent became an advantage for her in taking on the role of ‘Cho’ in the Harry Potter series, as, during auditions for the film, the casting director demanded to know if there was anyone from Scotland; Katie was the only woman from Scotland.
  • In the second week of ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire’ being released, Katie was sent to China by the makers of the film in an attempt to promote Harry Potter.
  • Katie Leung voiced the character ‘Cho Chang’ in the video games Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007) and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009).
  • After the top of the Harry Potter series, Katie decided that she did not want to continue her acting profession, as she wished to attend an art school. However, after she performed in the play ‘Wild Swans’ her opinion of acting changed and she enrolled in a drama course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.
  • In 2007, he raised over $137,000 by launching children’s art competitions and donating his portrait (auctioned for nearly $1,300) to help The Prince’s Belief charity in Scotland.
  • In 2009, she submitted an image known as ‘Untitled’, which was captured by herself, to i:click’s 2009 competitors from Sightsavers Worldwide, a charity group that works to address blindness in poor nations.
  • Along with his other charities, he promotes and helps raise funds for the London-based Chinese-speaking group, Simply Giving, which works to improve the standard of living and well-being of the Chinese-speaking group in the UK, particularly disadvantaged. and weak people. The group also focuses on preserving the tradition, arts, and identity of the Chinese language.
  • She is multilingual and can communicate fluently in English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.
  • According to Katie, playing an element in the American comedy series Fashionable House or a movie directed by Sofia Coppola and Lars Von Trier is the role of her dreams.

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