Key Facts to Know About Weight Loss and Diets

Diet is a word that people despise but also patronize. Without the letter “T”, it would mean another thing, but honestly, going through the process of it makes you want to die. Limited intake but a whole lot of physical movement for the exercise. Diets have been around ever since I can remember; it has been there to guide people on what to eat and what portions.

Losing weight requires patience and discipline. The reason for wanting to lose weight varies from people to people, the reason to reason, and sometimes when we cross the obese weight level, it will be mandatory by the doctor. There is no one-size-fits-it-all approach when it comes to diets. Many diets have come and gone, and some are just trends that were marketed properly. But not all famous weight loss fad and do not deliver results. There is this new product, referred to as a “wonder potion”, the diet drops, a supplement you drop on your glass of water accompanied with a strict calorie count.

hCG: The New Trend of Diet

Trends on how to eat and what should you eat come and go, making diet advice confusing. People choose what to eat for many reasons, such as religion, culture, and even ethical concerns. 

hCG is a company specializing in the hormone Human Chronic Gonadotropin, a hormone found on both men and women. Elevated levels of this hormone are found in pregnant women. This hormone enables the body to store fat during pregnancy and distribute calories to both the parent and the child.

Researchers have found that this hormone was a natural fat burner. One of the most basic functions of this hormone is the regulation of the metabolism through the hypothalamus. Taking HCG triggers the hypothalamus to use stored, abnormal fat as its main energy source. Doing this tricks the body to release and burn your stored fat. 

Supervised use of the diet drops and dedication to the said program may result in an average weight loss of 1 to 2 lbs a day. This program has been attested to work, and the success stories of people show its efficacy.

The program is broken into three phases:

  • Loading – This is the first two days when the product is introduced to the body, and the program flow starts. Consuming anything is no problem.
  • Rapid Weight loss – This is where food caloric intake is strictly monitored, and by this time, weights are at their maximum loss, and the body starts to adapt to the newly introduced program
  • Maintenance – This is the final and the most tricky, this is where you reintroduce foods that you had been constricted to, and the goal is to follow through with the program unsupervised 

The first few weeks of the program is a strictly monitored 500 caloric intake, and it will then progress to a more lax count on the latter days. The drops mimic the action of hCG in the body to kick-start the metabolism and naturally suppress the appetite. The program promises no hunger pangs and cravings like a regular diet. 

Whatever your reason for doing the diet, do not forget to pursue and to reach the end goal. Maintenance is hard but remembers why you started. Good luck, and see you a few fewer pounds after!

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