Know The Importance of HGV Licence For Driving

Though there are constant challenges due to different terrains in different parts of the world, an HGV driver’s driving skills will develop, and he or she will be able to live more tenuous loads, which will give a higher salary. It is more difficult to become bored in the logistics industry than in a desk job, where employees become quickly bored due to the monotonous office lifestyle. Numerous reputable training companies can assist an aspiring truck driver in passing the requisite tests at an affordable price to become a well-trained, successful, and licensed truck driver. The HGV licence requirements consist of 35 hours of mandatory training that a driver will complete over five years. Also, he must complete this training every five years to keep his HGV license.The training is known as driver CPC, which stands for Certificate of Professional Competence. HGV licence requirements are carried out in four stages, as follows: – 

  • Step 1:The first phase is the theory portion, including a multiple-choice exam and a dangerous competency examination. The applicant is educated in this facility to know all theoretical aspects of driving, handling, and behaving in a hazardous situation.
  • Step 2-During this phase, the candidates take a case studies test in which they are given a situational story or incident that gives them an accurate picture of what exactly happens when driving a large goods vehicle so that they are primarily prepared when meeting most of the apparent situations while travelling long distances carrying heavy goods or merchandise.
  • Phase 3-is an assessment to determine a driver’s ability to drive. They are checked here to see whether they can move a large goods vehicle over long distances and transport heavy goods or merchandise. Since driving an LGV necessitated specific skills, experience, and abilities.
  • Part 4-It is a practical driving demonstration exercise. In this process, the driver takes a realistic test in which they are permitted to drive a large goods vehicle for long distances carrying heavy goods or products, similar to how an individual obtains a car driving license in which they are made to drive a car in a circle of very immediate turns or U-turns.

You now understand what an LGV license is. You must now learn how to obtain one. Technically, getting a Category C license without any formal training is possible. It wouldn’t matter whether you went to a training school or not as long as you could pass the necessary exams. However, training is required to receive any LGV license.

Here are some of the advantages of passing the LGV Licence

  • Excellent job opportunities

One of the biggest reasons you’ll want to get an LGV/HGV license is that it will significantly increase the chances of finding high-paying jobs. However, with your previous driving experience, obtaining the proper qualification to drive these larger Lorries would go a long way towards enhancing your work prospects. There are still many employers who are desperate and willing to recruit fresh graduates of this certification program.

  • Opportunities for advancement in career

Furthermore, it is fair to assume that there is plenty of space for career advancement once you become a licensed LGV driver. After passing the certification program and gaining some experience, you will quickly establish yourself as a top driver, who will then be allowed to drive delicate loads and receive a higher salary.

  • Satisfying workday

In the traditional world, being an LGV driver has a bad reputation, but most drivers understand how rewarding the job can be. Most types of driving jobs, of course, will quickly become boring after a while. However, being an LGV driver means you’ll never be irritated because you’ll be able to travel around the country and have much more work satisfaction than you’ll ever have in an office.

  • Affordability

While many conventional driving jobs aren’t known for their high salaries, the LGV industry is an exception to the law. In most cases, you would expect to earn about £500 a week, rising to £40,000 a year, which is not bad, particularly when compared to other driving jobs that pay nowhere near as much.Overall, it is clear that investing the time to obtain an LGV lorry license is in your best interests, especially if you want to advance your driving career and earn more money. Furthermore, if you’re going to increase your job prospects, it’s worth getting HGV licence requirements.

Since the logistics industry employs the fourth-largest number of people in the UK, the country’s economy would suffer if skilled truck drivers were not available. Additionally, once a driver has completed the requisite HGV training and obtained the HGV license, employment is guaranteed. 

As mentioned at the outset, experts believe that by 2020, there will be a shortage of approximately 150,000 HGV drivers in the UK, meaning that a career as an HGV driver will be a lucrative one.

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