Lady begs Nedu for the contact of a rich friend

An on-air personality, Nedu Wazobia, has said that after his controversial comments that he once caught his rich friend having sex with two celebrities at the same time, a woman approached him and begged for the rich man’s contact.

He said: “After the podcast launched where I talked about one of my friends giving a lady N3m before even sleeping with her, another lady messaged me on social media, saying she had school challenges. She asked me to introduce her to that same man, so that she could also collect money from him.

The chat, which Nedu forwarded to our correspondent, read in part: “After watching the video, I decided to contact you (to find out) if I could link up with your rich friend, so that I could get enough money for my tuition fees.

The broadcaster also maintained that women who thought they could only look sexy when putting themselves out there were insecure. He said: “There is no one who can say that I did something immoral to get a job. I have all the jobs I did because I was qualified by then. Women who feel they are only sexy when they reveal body parts are insecure and have nothing to offer but their bodies. If your main goal is to be sexy, the only people who will come to you will be those who want to have sex with you and leave.

“No one stays with a woman who is for the public. Those who have something to offer are always decent. But that’s not to say that those who cover up don’t engage in immoral activities as well.”

Revealing the lowest amount he had been paid as an emcee, Nedu said, “For my first MC job around 2010/2011, I was paid N30,000. It was an Igbo wedding and they really stressed me out a lot.”

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