Lagos reads the riot law to gas operators and marketers and threatens to shut down offenders

The Lagos state government has said that retail gas operators or traders operating within the state without implementing and adhering to proper security measures would be shut down.

The warning was given by the Director General of the Lagos State Security Commission, Mr. Lanre Mojola, while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Oil and Gas Stakeholders Security Summit with the topic; “Safe operation of retail gas in Lagos state”, adding that the measure is to guide against avoidable gas explosions.

Mojola, who was represented at the event by the Technical Advisor of the Safety Commission, Mr. Seun Awojobi, explained that the essence of the summit is to train professionals in the sector on how to handle LPG in a better and safer way. .

State government to ensure the safety and protection of residents

  • He said, “We know of past incidents that have happened, some ranging from industrial to residential accidents where multiple lives were lost and the Safety Commission’s mandate is to ensure that the lives and property of all state residents are safe and secure.
  • “An event like this is designed to bring together professionals in the liquefied gas sector and train them on best practices around the use of gas and see how we can guide ourselves against gas explosions and further loss of life.”

The General Director maintained that the State Government has identified around 2,500 gas retail stores throughout the State and is working with the association to eliminate the retailers who sell without proper security measures.

  • He said, “The government has carried out the enumeration of gas retail outlets in Lagos with the intention of extending its security measures for those that are open at scale. For others that we believe will pose harm or danger to the environment, we are closing them.”

He informed the meeting that several incidents had occurred in the past and that the summit was designed to further prevent preventable incidents with more training and information for operators and stakeholders.

Most of the Summit participants were of the opinion that gas explosions generally occur when operators do not imbue themselves with a safety culture and follow established guidelines and regulations on the handling of hydrocarbons.

Therefore, they urged gas retail stores and end users to understand proper safety management measures and follow guidelines to ensure that their operations are conducted within the limits of the law so that lives and property are not harmed. are in danger.

for the records

  • The Lagos state government has promised in the past to enforce stricter measures against operators of gas and/or fuel assembly plants in the state to prevent a recurrence of the explosion that has been rocking the state recently.
  • This followed the various gas explosions that rocked the state with consequent loss of life and destruction of property.

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