Lizzo names the first song she did without her ego

Lizzo is known for her body positivity, especially in her original music. With the 2015 release “My Skin,” the artist noted that she was creating something impactful, and not “feeding [her] ego.” Here’s what we learned about the “Juice” singer.

Lizzo released ‘My Skin’ from ‘Big Grrrl Small World’

Artist Lizzo Performs at FOMO Festival 2020 at The Trusts Arena | Dave Simpson/Wire Image

lizzo is the artist behind “Juice”, “The truth hurts,” and “About Damn Time,” known for her body positivity and, most recently, her brand of shapewear that includes sizes: Yitty. Even in 2015, Lizzo sang about self-love with the original song “My skin”.

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