Luis Almagro defined Pedro Castillo’s actions as an “alteration of the constitutional order” and called for dialogue in Peru Código Lista

Statement by Luis Almagro on the crisis in Peru

The Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS), luis almagrorejected this Wednesday the actions of the ousted president of Peru, pedro castleand made a call for dialogue in the country.

“What happened today in Peru, when Castillo dissolved Congress without a constitutional basis, constitutes an alteration of the constitutional order,” Almagro said during a special session of the OAS Permanent Council in Washington.

Almagro, who has presided over the OAS since 2015, announced that he will contact the Peruvian vice president, Dina Boluarte, who was sworn in this afternoon before the plenary session of Congress as the first female president in the history of Peru after the removal of Castillo.

On his Twitter account, Almagro posted a greeting to Boluarte and a call to “recompose the democratic path” in the Andean country. “We salute the President of Peru and her call for national unity. We reaffirm the support of the OAS for democracy, peace, institutionality and the urgent need to rebuild the democratic path; with a inclusive, open, frank and respectful dialogue”, he tweeted.

Luis Almagro’s tweet after the inauguration of the new president of Peru

The Peruvian leader was arrested this Wednesday after being dismissed by Congress after trying to dissolve the Legislature and call for a constituent process to avoid a political trial against him. Castillo’s gesture was branded a coup d’état by members of his own government, including Boluarte, and was rejected by the Armed Forces and the Police.

The decision adopted this Wednesday by Castillo to close Parliament and call for an “emergency national government” inevitably recalls what happened on April 5, 1992when the then president alberto fujimori He announced in a message to the nation the dissolution of Congress and the taking under his control of all the powers of the State.

Pedro Castillo and Alberto Fujimori
Pedro Castillo and Alberto Fujimori

The so-called “Fujimori self-coup”, which was endorsed by the Armed Forces, meant a break in the country’s constitutional order, something that is repeated today, 30 years later, in the opinion of both opposition legislators and parliamentarians who until now supported the Government of the Castle

“This decision establishes a blow and it distances itself from all constitutional frameworks,” said left-wing legislator Ruth Luque, whose group has habitually supported Castillo’s stay in power, on Wednesday. “Clearly it is a coup in the style of 92 ″, she commented in reference to the action of Fujimori, who governed Peru in the period 1990-2000 and is currently serving a sentence in prison.

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