Luis Chávez exploded, the blow to Martino after the elimination of Mexico in the World Cup Code List

Luis Chavez and Tata Martino

The Mexican team has signed one of the worst performances in the history of Mexico in the World Cups, since since 1978 Mexico has not been left out of a group stage in a World Cup and today it happened again.

One of the players who is saved from this resounding failure of the Tri is the midfielder from Pachuca Louis Chavez, who, in addition to playing all three games with El Tri, scored one of the best goals in the history of Mexico in a World Cup.

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At the end of the game, the frustration and sadness of the Mexican players was quite noticeable and one of those who could not stand what happened was Luis Chávez himself, who exploded against Gerardo Martino after the elimination.

Chávez’s coup against Martino.

Luis Chávez did not save anything and decided to release everything in the mixed zone, where he mentioned that the first 2 games were overdue and that if they had played against Poland as they did against Arabia they would have qualified, a strong message to Martino that it was not until the last game where he took out his intern Herrera and brought in Orbelín, which made a lot of difference.

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