Madison Cawthorn wastes latest speech on house floor complaining about ‘metrosexuals’ –

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Future former Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) used her final speech on the House floor Wednesday to rally her colleagues against the looming threat of “suave metrosexuals.”

In a fitting coda to a bizarre single term in office, Cawthorn wasted his final precious minutes on C-SPAN sounding the alarm about the death spiral of masculinity. “Our young people are taught that weakness is strength, that finesse is desirable, and that being a smooth metrosexual is more valuable than training your mind, body, and soul,” the 27-year-old said during heated comments from the.

“Social media has weakened us, diverting our men from their will to fight,” he continued. “Stand up nobly, square your jaws, and charge once more into the breach to defend what you love.”

The fierce show of force against the scourge of frail kids seemingly overwhelming America’s defenses marked one of the rare instances Cawthorn has reared its head since losing the North Carolina primary earlier this year. The millennial was narrowly defeated by three-term state senator and business owner Chuck Edwards, who was endorsed by several old-guard Republicans who had made it clear they had had enough of the rookie congressman’s scandalous record.

Cawthorn’s best-selling controversies gallery picks include allegations of sexual abuse dating back to his college years; accusations of insider trading; being stopped for attempting to pass a weapon through airport security (twice); be photographed wearing women’s lingerie; being filmed while he is naked and sticking his crotch in another man’s face; and this time he strongly hinted that members of his own Grand Old Party were in the habit of inviting him to cocaine-fueled orgies.

In the aftermath of his defeat, Cawthorn reportedly left town and vacated his D.C. office two months early, according to the Asheville Citizen Times.

But on Wednesday, little of that seemed to matter. In Cawthorn’s view, as he explained to House members still listening, the country is teetering on a “disaster precipice.” With that in mind, he wanted to “ask the youth of this nation a question.”

“Will you sit behind a screen while the tales of your ancestors turn to myth? Or will you stand your ground against the dying light of America’s golden age? Will you regain your masculinity? Will you become a fearsome man? Be respected? To be admired? Or will you let the next generation of this Nation be its last generation?

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