Making Email Marketing Effective Rather Than Repulsive

According to a study, email marketing is more effective than social media by up to 40 times. The same study also confirms that the purchasing process takes place three times faster. It cannot be denied that this digital marketing strategy works.

However, it doesn’t mean you should start sending tons of emails to make your business boom. If used incorrectly, email marketing can do more harm than good.

This is when the importance of the assistance of an experienced and reliable email marketing agency comes in. With the help of a service provider suited for the task, your money-making venture can go from struggling to thriving.

Other than leaving the job to the agency of your choice, it is also a great idea for you to know some of the golden rules when it comes to having email marketing that works.

Fortunately, what is touted as one of the most effective digital marketing strategies around is easier to master and navigate than what many believe. With the right line of attack, email marketing can make your business visible and, ultimately, profitable.

Email People Who Opted In

Before you send an email to anyone, ask yourself if he or she is interested in your products or services. Signing up is a telltale sign that a person is a target customer of yours.

Refrain from sending an email to someone who never opted in. Rather than a sale, your business will likely gain a hater. A consumer who goes to the direct competition as a display of displeasure is the last thing that you want.

Make Unsubscribing Easy (And Honour It, Too)

It can be disheartening for business owners who are using email marketing to lose subscribers. However, it is a possibility that they should learn to accept.

One important feature of any effective email marketing strategy is trouble-free unsubscribing. You don’t want a customer who is unhappy with your products or services to feel even more unsatisfied by giving him or her a difficult time unsubscribing to your emails.

Aside from making unsubscribing straightforward, it is also a must that you honor it. Otherwise, your business might get a complaint and a lawsuit, too.

Write a Clear and Relevant Subject, Line

The goal of using email for marketing is to deliver information that can benefit both parties: you and the customer. For it to happen, the recipient should open the email due to seeing a clear and relevant subject line. Otherwise, it will be left unopened or go straight to trash.

Give plenty of thought to coming up with a subject line each time. An email marketing agency with lots of industry experience can help in this department.

Sending Out Too Many (Or Too Little) Emails

The importance of making unsubscribing easy was mentioned earlier. However, unsubscriptions should be avoided from happening as much as possible. A quick way for your business to get lots of unsubscriptions is by assailing your subscribers with tons of emails.

It is important to figure out the right email sending frequency according to your industry and audience. Also, avoid sending the same email twice or more a day.

Similarly, you should also avoid sending emails once in a blue moon only. The goal should be to keep your current and potential customers engaged and interested in your products or services. To show you care, give your audience the right amount of attention.


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