Meghan Markle had a moment where she wasn’t ‘interested’ in Prince Harry on their first date: ‘Is this what he does?’

Meghan Markle Y prince harry returned to his first date in Volume I of harry and meghan. Along the way, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that there was a time when she wasn’t “interested” in her now-husband because she was running late. Next, she learns what the Duke and Duchess had to say about her First date and why Meghan thought the royal might have “an ego.”

Prince Harry was a ‘plot twist’ for Meghan Markle during her ‘bachelorette summer’ of 2016

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images

In their Netflix docuseries, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex looked back on where it all began. Meghan had been in the middle of planning her “single girl summer” when Harry showed up in a “plot twist” (via LBC).

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