Modernizing Highlife does not mean we should forget its indigenous elements – Kwaisey Pee

Kwasi Poku Addae, better known by his stage name Kwaisey Pee, a Ghanaian musician, has spoken about the current state of Highlife music in the country.

According to the popular legendary singer, although Highlife is still being made by the new crop of artists in Ghana, they have modernized it in a different way.

“Highlife songs are still in the system, it’s just that the new generation of musicians has modernized it and wants to do it in a different way,” Kwaisey Pee told Amansan Krakye.

Hitmaker “Akono Akono” stated that it is good for the new generation of musicians to modernize Highlife’s music, but they should not forget about the indigenous elements of the genre.

“I mean, I think it’s all good, but we shouldn’t forget about our indigenous Highlife elements that make our songs unique from any other genre,” he said in an interview on Kastle FM. supervised.

“But if they’re going to infuse it with the modernized elements, why not make it better? So I urge you to keep it up,” he concluded on the Kastle Entertainment Show.

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