Movies You’ve Seen ‘A Christmas Story’ Star Peter Billingsley In But Didn’t Realize

Peter Billingsley stars in the sequel to a christmas storyA Christmas Carol Christmas. However, the long-awaited sequel is not a new role for Billingsley. The actor is actually reprising his role as Ralphie Parker. The part is possibly the most famous in Billingsley. Thanks to TBS, most people know exactly what the actor looked like when he was just a kid. However, Billingsley hasn’t been sitting on the sidelines waiting for the sequel to happen. He has appeared in several major movies since the 1983 Christmas classic. You’ve seen him on films repeatedly and you may not have noticed.

Peter Billingsley appeared in ‘The Breakup’

While Billingsley worked fairly regularly throughout his childhood, his adult roles were a bit more low-key. In 2006 she appeared in The breaking. The comedy explored exactly what happens when a couple ends their relationship but is forced to live together.

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