Muama Enence Voice Instant Translator: Detailed Review 2019

Muama Enence Voice Instant Translator: Detailed Review 2019

Muama Enence

Not only on trips abroad but also in everyday life in the home one meets again and again in foreign languages. Even with the knowledge of English, communication can often be difficult. Exactly this problem wants to solve the Muama Enence supposedly. The small device promises real-time translation of conversations. But can that really work? We took a closer look at this for you.

Muama Enence – an Overview

The Muama Enence is a small silver box designed to translate conversations in real-time. It can be used in dialogues between two people, but also in conversations with several people. With an extensive list of supported languages, the Muama Enence is a worldwide welcome and practical helper that makes communication easier on the move, in business and in everyday life.

Muama Enence Test of Our Editors

If you look at videos of the manufacturer to the Muama Enence, it seems almost too good to be true. The Muama Enence supposedly opens all doors and gets rid of language communication problems.

Of course, we had to look at such a marvel of technology ourselves and subjected the Muama Enence to a practical test . What we found out about the instant translator can be found in the following sections.

The purchase is the most difficult. Because under the name Muama Enence, there seem to be many, very different-looking devices. We chose the one from the video.

First Impression Of Muama Enence Device

Muama Enence 40 LanguageThe first time we unpacked the device, the Muama Enence reminded us of an MP3 player. The little box looks pretty unimpressive. He still feels worthy and is so compact that it fits in any pocket – practically traveling and taking along to work and Co. Whether he is worth its proud price, however, will be seen.

A German manual is unfortunately not included, but it is not absolutely necessary. Because the service is pretty self-explanatory, as we were able to determine in our practical test. Particularly impressive is the long list of languages that the Muama Enence masters according to the manufacturer. We counted over 40 pieces. So an understanding is possible almost anywhere in the world if the Muama Enence keeps what the manufacturer promises. And that is exactly what we have tested in practice.

Our Practice Test

First, we invite you to download the Muama app, because without an app and an upright internet connection the Muama Enence unfortunately does not funktiniert. The app can then be used to control the available languages. In addition, you have to pair the device via Bluetooth with his smartphone.

We wonder why the software is not installed directly on the Muama Enence. Finally, the device costs a bit of money. We suspect that the Muama Enence acts only as an input and output device … But why do you need this device anyway? After all, a smartphone on which the app inevitably has to be installed is also an input and output device … And since you always have to have it with you anyway, so that the Muama Enence really works, you would have a device too much. But that’s just as thought.

In the test, and the Muama Enence performs partly quite good services, but not outstanding. The translations are spit out relatively quickly. Unfortunately, the quality at one point or another leaves something to be desired. The voice output is very quiet and difficult to understand on the open road. In closed rooms without much background noise, however, it is much better. Unfortunately, the environment is not always quiet.

Unfortunately, there were more and more misleading translations and understandings, the quality was not always on the expected level. It is positive, however, that the handling of the device is very simple and based on only two buttons.

Result Of Muama Enence Translator

The idea of ​​Muama Enence is really great. The implementation in practice, but unfortunately still leaves a few wishes. The quality is not always at the necessary level, so it often comes in everyday use problems. It also bothers us that Muama Enence can only be used online. This means that there must always be a reliable Internet connection, which unfortunately is not something that is common everywhere in the world.

Result Muama Enence Translator

We can praise the idea behind Muama Enence, but still have some ideas and suggestions for the practical implementation. Above all, an offline-usable version of the instant translator would be great.

If the translation worked as well as the manufacturer demonstrates in its promotional videos, the Muama Enence would be the perfect accompaniment for working life, traveling, everyday life and communicating with foreign-speaking people. Until then, there is still a lot to do .

Reviews from the Net: Muama Enence

If you look around the internet for reviews for the Muama Enence, shows a very mixed picture, which also reflects our test results. Some are excited about the idea. Many buyers and users of the Muama Enence criticize but different things such as the output volume and describe that the device does not work as well, as the manufacturer suggests.

“The translation is rendered very extremely quietly, and in ambient noises it does not recognize the spoken correctly, so it could be improved a lot.”-Frank S. in the Google Play Store

50 to 60% of the translations are just wrong, I wanted to return the device, I did not receive a reply, because a return policy advertises it, but it does not allow a return! that I need an iphone to operate, I’m angry that I spent money on this junk. “

Overall, the negative ratings prevail. Some critics even refer to the device as “garbage” . We do not want to agree with this statement, but this impression could well be created by the gap of the promises in the video and the actual application . This coincides with the impressions from our own test of the Muama Enence.

“I’m totally disappointed that the translator works only in conjunction with a smartphone and an internet connection was nowhere in the whole praise – but is the crucial minus if I want to exchange with someone anywhere in the world.” Second: The beeps when recording are screaming shrill and loud, the rendering of a translation frightening quietly, I ordered two, I’ll definitely send it back. “

Equipment and Accessories

The scope of delivery includes not only the translator but also a charging cable and a user manual . Unfortunately, this is not available in German, but with little knowledge of English to understand easily. Alternatively, a little trial and error also helps to understand the device.

Usable Languages

According to the manufacturer, the Muama Enence supports this impressive number of more than 40 different languages:

Arabic (Egypt), Arabic (Saudi Arabia), Arabic (International), Bulgarian, Traditionally Chinese), Chinese (simplified), Danish, German, English (Australia), English (China), English (India), English (UK), English (US), Finnish, French, French (Canada), Greek, Hebrew (Israel), Hindi (India), Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Cantonese, Catalan, Korean, Croatian, Dutch, Malaysian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazil), Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Sichuan dialect, Slovak, Spanish, Spanish (Mexico), Tagalog (Philippines), Thai, Czech, Turkish, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Vietnamese

Muama Enence Language

The Accompanying App

In addition to the device, there is also a Muama Enence app for the smartphone. This can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store on smartphones and tablets with Android and is essential for the operation of the device .

Muama Enence Manual

Operating the Muama Enence Instant Translator is basically very easy. In theory, it should work like this: Depending on which direction you want to translate, you only need to press one of the two buttons on the device.

If you are in dialogue with a person whose language you do not speak, simply press the first key on the device when you speak . When you are finished, simply release the button. Within about 1.5 seconds, the device has the right translation ready after the end of your sentence and outputs it via the small speaker. The other person hopefully understands the translation and can now answer in their native language.

If your counterpart is speaking, press the second button on the device . Then release this button to hear the translation of the foreign language spoken in your native language. Incidentally, the languages ​​are set via the app by Muama Enence. That makes things a bit more complicated, but is also easily feasible.

Muama Enence Translator

Buy Muama Enence at the Best Price

The Muama Enence is only available online directly from the manufacturer. There you can order it with interest with few clicks. Thanks to a discount of 50% you do not pay the regular price of $89, but “only” $55.00/each .

If you order multiple copies, the purchase price will go down even further as you benefit from additional volume discounts. For a larger decrease, z. For example, if you also want to equip other family members, colleagues, or friends with the Muama Enence, you will end up paying around 40 euros apiece.

Our Review for Muama Enence

In the end, it’s a bit too good to be true. Unfortunately, the promised perfect functionality and quality of the Muama Enence does not deliver. The instant translator is handy, but unfortunately not quite mature.

We hope for further improvements in this area, because a well-functioning device with the features of the Muama Enence would be a great relief in many situations – be it travelling in a distant country, business correspondence with foreign partners or conversations in everyday life with foreign-speaking people.

Muama Enence Review