Murders in Toronto Erin Gilmour dies – cause of death and


Deaths in Toronto Erin Gilmour dies Police say they have arrested a man and charged him with the high-profile murders of two Toronto women, Susan Tess and Eileen Gilmore, that occurred in 1983 over the past decades. Genetic ancestry will be used to resolve situations in. FOLLOW FOR MORE UPDATES

According to Police Chief James Lamer on Monday, Joseph George Sutherland, 61, of Musoni, Ontario, was arrested Friday and charged with the double murder of Tice and Gilmore.

In a press conference held at police headquarters, Sean McCowan, Gilmour’s brother, commented: “It’s a day that I and we have almost been waiting for our whole lives.”


Joseph George Sutherland, a 61-year-old resident of Musoni, Ontario, was arrested in Toronto and charged with killing Erin Gilmore and Susan Theis in 1983.

Murders in Toronto Erin Gilmour dies: cause of death and obituary

Deaths in Toronto Erin Gilmour dies

It was somewhat reassuring that someone was arrested. However, he also brought back a lot of memories of Erin and the horrifying murder of her needless of her, she added.


Sutherland’s past is currently under investigation by police, who are also looking into his past to determine whether he may have been involved in other crimes. Sutherland spent 39 years in Ontario but has since left Toronto, according to police.

Sergeant Stephen Smith, the lead investigator in the case, stated at a press conference that “it goes without saying that we are going to explore any possible link to every conceivable instance in Ontario to make sure that he is not responsible for any other crime.”


Sutherland may be a suspect in other unsolved sexual assault cases in the province, according to Smith, unless DNA evidence rules him out.

Sutherland is in custody and is scheduled to go to court on December 9.

Thus, a social worker and mother of four teenage girls was discovered dead in the upstairs bedroom of her home on Grace Street, near Hubbard Street, on August 17, 1983. An aspiring fashion designer from a wealthy family named Gilmore was found dead in her Yorkville apartment. four months later on December 20, 1983. Follow us for more updates on Twitter


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