NASA revealed the coldest place on the Earth Code List

What is the coldest place on planet Earth? Would you be willing to spend Christmas there? Although it is unlikely that anyone would want to go there, NASA has still asked about it through their social networks.

The US space agency posted on its Facebook a message that says: “Looking for the coldest place to spend the holidays?”.

He adds: “You won’t find anyone there, but the coldest place we’ve found on Earth (with the help of NASA satellites) is a high ridge on the East Antarctic plateau.”

Since 2013, NASA has identified a high Antarctic ridge on the East Antarctic Plateau as the world’s coldest place, where temperatures in several depressions can drop below 92 degrees Celsius (-133.6 degrees Fahrenheit). ) on a clear winter night.

Scientists at the National Snow and Ice Data Center made the discovery by analyzing the most detailed temperature maps of the planet’s surface to date, made using data from remote-sensing satellites.

In all, the scientists required the analysis of 32 years of data from various satellite instruments that have mapped the surface temperature of Antarctica.

And although NASA jokingly asks if you would be willing to live there, the truth is that it is an uninhabited area of ​​the planet.

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But if you are a lover of the cold, there is a town that you may be interested in going to and that is listed as the coldest inhabited place in the world. That is Oymyakon, a Russian village, people live in a permanent winter.

If you don’t cover your face in Oymyakon, your eyelashes, beard or eyebrows may freeze.

Less than a thousand people live there, it is located northeast of Sakha and east of eastern Siberia and temperatures can drop below 50 degrees Celsius, and it has even reached a record of 71.2 degrees below zero in 1924.

“The normal thing is that in winter it is -50 ºC. When it’s -45 to -40 it’s almost warm. Between -58º and -64º there are extreme frosts. When it’s too cold, you can’t do sports in the street, but if you’re hot, you can be outside and spend some time in the forest, where they usually go hunting or cutting firewood,” explained Max, from the tourist Oymyakon. office. to the portal ‘Verne’.

There, everything freezes and people must always remain covered. When the temperatures are very low, children can only go outside for 20 minutes, but if the temperature drops below 68 degrees Celsius, they are prohibited from going outside.

“One month a year the children do not go to school because the temperature is below -54ºC. Classes at the institute are suspended when it is -58 ºC. These days we used to go hunting in the woods, but now they are probably playing on the computer,” said Max.

And you, would you be willing to spend Christmas in one of these cold places?


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