Netflix Had a Hilarious Response to the Taylor Swift Ticket Fiasco

When Taylor Swift recently announced its upcoming The Tour of the Ages, the fans were delighted. The pop star hasn’t toured in years, and after the pandemic delayed major concerts, fans are eager to sing and dance. Swift’s hits. However, chaos ensued when tickets went on sale, with millions of fans experiencing major disappointment after waiting in the online Ticketmaster queue. In the aftermath of the fiasco, authorities announced an investigation into Ticketmaster, and entertainment companies have spoken out, including Netflix. The streaming giant’s commentary on the situation was not only hilarious but also timely.

Taylor Swift recently announced her first tour in 5 years

taylor swift | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for MTV

It all started when, in early November, Taylor Swift announced a new concert series, The Tour of the Ages. The tour, his first in five years, will highlight the music superstar’s albums and songs over the years.

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