Netflix will stop sharing passwords in 2023; More than 100 million subscribers will likely be affected –

Netflix has been strict about password sharing of late, and the company is reportedly planning to end the feature. A report from The Wall Street Journal claims that the streaming platform plans to end the password sharing feature in 2023. This is a surprising step since Netflix is ​​the platform that used to tweet “Love is sharing a password” in the past. . The company’s sole reason for ending this feature is to increase the number of subscribers, which has been declining since 2020.

An incredible number of viewers watch TV shows and movies on Netflix from their family or friends accounts and Netflix has now given us a number for that. Let’s see how Netflix plans to end the password sharing feature in 2023.

Why does Netflix want to end password sharing?

Netflix has been one of the most popular streaming services worldwide, however, post-COVID, it began to see a huge decline in its subscriber base, which continues to decline in 2022. The company has been testing various methods to increase the numbers.

Earlier this year, it introduced an ad-supported plan that shows a few 10-15 second ads when you watch any movie or web show on its platform. It has kept the price lower so that a larger audience can subscribe. However, this is limited to selected countries.

Similarly, Netflix wants to end password sharing because it believes this is a major obstacle in its mission to increase subscribers. The report states that at a company meeting earlier this year, co-CEO Reed Hastings told management that they had already waited too long to end password sharing.

The company wanted to end the function for a long time, however with the arrival of the pandemic and with the increase in subscribers, the plan was cancelled.

In addition, the company plans to add a charge for those users who want to share their account passwords with people outside of the household. It will decide on password sharing based on IP addresses, device IDs, and account activities.

A previous report suggests that Standard and Premium plan users will be able to create sub-accounts for up to two people they don’t live with, each with their own profile and personalized recommendations, all for a lower fee with the new functionality. However, the sub-accounts will have their own Netflix username and password.

Netflix has not disclosed the amount it will charge a user for sharing their account password. But it is already testing the program in some Latin American countries where it charges $2.99 ​​(roughly Rs 246), or a quarter of the $12 (roughly Rs 989) monthly subscription fee.

More than 100 million viewers who will be affected

Netflix estimates that more than 100 million viewers watch shows and movies from their friends’ or family’s accounts. Finally, it will restrict password sharing in early 2023. The changes will roll out first in the US, then in other regions.

“I don’t think consumers are going to love it right out of the box,” Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said at a meeting with investors in early December.

As of now, Netflix has declined to comment on the news, but it will be interesting to see how the company handles the backlash.

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