Nigerian Communications Commission arrests fake phone sellers in Kano

the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) said he arrested three representatives of companies selling counterfeit products and non-approved phones in Kano.

The NCC enforcement team said the arrested individuals have been handed over to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) for investigation and necessary action.

In a statement signed by its Director of Public Affairs, Reuben Muoka, the NCC reiterated its warning to Nigerians against buying and using unapproved devices. He added that such devices negatively affect the quality of the experience and leave their users vulnerable to loss and other annoyances.

Who are they: The NCC said the enforcement team arrested a Yahaya Ado of Gezawa Communications Limited for selling counterfeit Gionee devices and failing to show any evidence of authorization granted to the company by the Commission.

Messrs. Nura Ahmed of Saleh Latest Venture and Rufai Nuhu of Al Mansoor Communications were also arrested because they did not have a license to engage in the sale and installation of terminal equipment. They were unable to demonstrate NCC authorization in that regard.

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About phones: According to the release, the non-type-approved phones found during the enforcement include Gionee-branded phones with model numbers G800 and L990, H-Mobile phones with model numbers it5606+, H351, FoxKong with model numbers F30 and F300, and KGTEL. phones with model numbers K2160 and KG1100.

Mallam Salisu Abdu, NCC’s Head of Compliance, who led the team, raised concerns about the way the GSM Market in Beirut Street, Kano, was inundated with counterfeit and non-type-approved phones. Abdu regretted the fact that many of the providers were not licensed by the Commission to provide the communication service they provided.

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  • “The Commission is determined to carry out post-application checks to ensure that the sale of counterfeit devices is stopped. The NCC will work with industry associations to ensure vendors obtain the proper licenses and will help stop major distributors and vendors of counterfeit devices.” NCC stated.

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