NNPP gubernatorial candidate greets PDP supporters in Gombe

Gombe State New People’s Party of Nigeria candidate for governor Khamisu Mailantarki received officials and members of Sardauna Dawo-Dawo, a political support group of the People’s Democratic Party.

He received defectors who left the PDP, for the NNPP in Gombe on Friday.

They were formally received at the NNPP by the state president, Abdullahi Maikano.

The group, Sardauna Dawo-Dawo, changed its name to the Mailantarki Movement after the defection and said it had decided to back the NNPP candidate, who “is young, diverse, competent, energetic, warm-hearted.”

Group Chairman Muhammad Makson added that Mailantarki is tried and trusted, and has the character to decisively tackle the current issues and challenges facing the state.

Makson said: “Withdrawing our support for the PDP was a collective decision, we all decided to step down and join the NNPP so that we can have better leadership in Gombe State.

“We believe Mailantarki has the good character and ability to rescue Gombe State from APC misrule. He has always been saying the right things and has done the right things in the past.”

He revealed that the group has around 2,000 exco members and more than 20,000 volunteers spread across the 114 districts of Gombe State.

Receiving the defectors into the NNPP, Mailantarki assured them that they would participate in all party activities, “especially now that the campaigns have started and, God willing, the NNPP will win the next general election.”

He urged them to gain more support and promote the party and its candidates in the state, adding that “only through grassroots mobilization can the NNPP uproot and defeat the failed All Progressives Congress in the state.”

Mailantarki assured party members and stressed that “we will lead an inclusive government in Gombe State if he is elected governor,” he added.

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