Ogb Copiers is one of the business leaders in the printing industry

Ogb copiers one of the main business leaders in the printing sector. The company, a branding and printing equipment provider, has become a major player since its inception in 2020. It was further claimed that the expansion of the printing industry in Nigeria is due to the accessibility of the latest branding technology. in the country. The claim came from Ogbuonye Echezona Somtochukwu, CEO of OGB Copiers during an industry roundtable recently streamed live on his Instagram page.

Giving an insight into how ogbcopiers became a household name a few months after their establishment, Ogbuonye, ​​an alumnus from Oko Federal Polytechnic, Anambra State, said: “Most companies can’t buy bigger machines. , so we split your payment into delivery.”

He further added: “There are counterfeit printing toners (inks) in circulation, especially for printing machines such as Konica, Xerox, Sharp, Kyocera and HP buy mode. What we have done is make sure that our customers get the original supply from us. That way, their machines are protected.”

Continuing, he said: “We buy from direct suppliers and make sure to review the entire description. We also make sure to obtain samples and test them before bringing such items into the country.”

Prices, he told participants, are often an indication of fake printing equipment and consumables.

“Cheaper prices are often indicators of counterfeit products; it’s something we look at as we try to get the products right,” she said. The marketing secrets that made OGB Copiers a market leader were investigated.

When asked how he handles customer complaints, he said that with the help of our technical engineers and follow-up team, they are all ready to deal with customer complaints.

He also stated that the engineers are well trained and equipped and also have the ability to travel to rural areas to deal with customer complaints.

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