OshenWatch, Phone, and Health Monitoring All in One Review

OshenWatch is two mobile devices in one! With the tap of a button, the OLED smartwatch can be removed from the bracelet and used as a Bluetooth headset for your phone. Experience total freedom with handsfree music, phone calls, messaging, and health insights. 49.99

Little Intro About OshenWatch

OshenWatchLove it! This is every gadget you could ever want rolled into one. I’ve been looking at smartwatches, fitness trackers, and wireless earphones, but most of them are ridiculously expensive and I don’t want to juggle that many extra devices on top of my phone. This does the job of all three and at a price I can actually afford!

This gave me the motivation to finally get in shape! It’s really rewarding to see exactly how many steps I’ve taken and how many calories I’ve burned every day. I take it with me to the pool and I don’t even have to take it off when I’m swimming laps. I’ve only had mine for a few months, but my blood pressure and resting heart rate have already gone down.

Keeping track of calls and texts is so much easier now. The fit is really comfortable, both around my wrist and in my ear. Love the way it looks too, very sleek – goes well with gym wear and suits. If I didn’t have to charge the battery every couple of days, I’d honestly never take it off.

Vanessa from Seattle, WA, just purchased: OshenWatch

The OshenWatch Story

OshenWatch was designed to reduce the clutter in your home. A durable, fast charging portable solution was created that helps integrate the tech in your home.

The OshenWatch Secret

Unlike other charging platforms, our charging stations have the maximum available power levels for wireless charging. This reduces your waiting time and allows you to get on with your day!

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OshenWatch, Phone, and Health Monitoring All in One Review