Olives are usually grown in the Mediterranean region and play a crucial role in the Mediterranean lifestyle. The suitability of the Mediterranean weather with long, warm summers and cool, not severe winters, for fruit-bearing is just perfect. Their variety is not limited to green (unripe) only, as they are also available in black, purple and other hues of green, after maturing. Suppliers like The Olive Hunt are meticulous and sustainable in their work of producing the highest quality olive-derived products in the world.

The oil from olives is extracted by grinding or pressing olives using machines. The extra virgin olive oil is the highest-rated olive oil after which comes the virgin olive oil. These are not refined and remain untouched from any form of chemical treatment.

The discovery of the health benefits of olives has only increased over the years. Drizzling olive oil on cooked food or using it as a dip for pieces of bread adds a fantastic flavour. Olives are single-seeded fruits called drupes, from the same family as mangoes, pistachios and cherries. With the development of the canning industry, mechanised manufacturing processes have quadrupled its availability in the market worldwide. 

Olive Health Hacks

Olive oil is a rich source of Vitamin E, infused with potent antioxidants and healthy fats. A lot of studies on the health benefits of olive oil consumption promote it for healthy immunity, heart functioning and digestion. It is a power-packed fruit with water, carbohydrates, protein, sugar, fat, fibre, among others. Their proportions are perfectly balanced in the oil form, varying with each olive type.

Olives have lower sugar content, are bitter, due to the reserve of the compound called oleuropein, and have higher oil content than the other single seed fruits. To reduce the bitterness in raw olives, they undergo curing. 

The extra virgin olive oil has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial characteristics. A healthy heart with a lower risk of strokes is another benefit of consuming olive oil. It keeps the blood vessel lining healthy, checking the cholesterol levels in the blood. It is proven to be effective against weight gain and works against fat deposits in the body. The abundance of antioxidants in the olive oil rids the cells from being cancerous.

The Drink and Cuisine Highlighter

Olives are complementary to many cocktails and other refreshing drinks. Salads, kinds of pasta, noodles, sandwiches seasoned with olive shreds and oil add a heavenly tinge of both taste and nutritional content to all cuisines. For cooking purposes, olive oil tastes better on freshly cut vegetables, meat and spices. The different varieties of olives widen the range of choices and companies like The Olive Hunt promise the freshest of produce with every product. The different types of olives include the darkest Kalamata olive, dark green Castelvetrano, yellowish-green mix Cerignola, jet black Nyon, dark brown Nicoise to purplish-brown Gaeta and the list goes on. 

By consuming olive oil through food, one can significantly boost metabolism. Olive oil ensures the maintenance of the unique macrocosm of bacterias and enzymes in the gut and promotes digestive function.


Olive oil consumption after curing and treating them is an antidote to many ailments that have affected humanity since ages. The medicinal, anti-inflammatory properties of olives are world-renowned. Consumption of this oil has a therapeutic effect on the human body—a panacea, divine to palate and rich in uncompromised nutrition. 

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