Paul McCartney Reveals What He Says To Himself To Cure His Stage Fright

even legendary musical artists get nervous Before coming out on stage. Paul McCartney he has performed for millions of people around the world, but still had to overcome stage fright like just about everyone else. To counteract his nervousness, McCartney told himself something that helped cure his stage fright later in his career.

Paul McCartney believed that the public initially hated him

Paul McCartney | Harry Durrant/Getty Images

Although Paul McCartney shows confidence on stage, he was nervous at first, especially in the early days of the beatles. In an interview with the Fly on the wall podcast with Dana Carvey and David Spade, the “Maybe I’m Amazed” singer said his nerves stemmed from believing the audience hated him and that he had to win the crowd over with his performance.

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