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This Monday a joint communiqué was released between the governments of Colombia, Argentina, Mexico and Bolivia in which expressed their concern about the political crisis in Peru, which ended with the removal and detention of Pedro Castillo, president of Peru until Wednesday of last week.

“It is not news to the world that President Castillo Terrones, from the day of his election, was the victim of anti-democratic harassment, in violation of Article 23 of the American Convention on Human Rights, “Costa Rica Pact”, approved on 22 from December. November 1969, to later be subjected to judicial treatment in the same way, in violation of article 25 of the aforementioned convention”, these countries point out.

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These countries expressed that they call so that the popular will that elected Castillo, who tried to dissolve Congress, is respected.

“It is the way to interpret the scope and meaning of the notion of democracy included in the Inter-American System of Human Rights. YWe urge those who make up the institutions to refrain from reversing the popular will expressed with free suffrage,” they added.

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And he finished off the statement by saying: “We ask the authorities to fully respect the human rights of President Pedro Castillo and to guarantee him judicial protection in the terms enshrined in the last cited article.”

This communiqué was harshly questioned by Juanita Goebertus, director of the Americas Division of Human Rights Watch, who questioned the continued expression of support for Castillo.

“It is unfortunate that the governments of Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia and Mexico respond to the serious crisis in Peru by victimizing Castillo, who tried to dissolve Congress amid corruption investigations. Latin America must support Peru defending the rule of law,” he asserted. on his Twitter account.

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The position of President Gustavo Petro in the face of the political crisis in Peru has been questioned by various political sectors of the country, as the head of state even asked the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (IACHR) to “apply the American Convention on Human Rights and issue measures precautionary measures in favor of the President of Peru Pedro Castillo”, considering that “the right to elect and be elected and to have an independent trial court has been violated”.

But she had already condemned Castillo’s actions before Petro’s pronouncement, who insists that Castillo was cornered from day one.


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