PentagonFit Fitness Tracker Explained Reviews 2020

PentagonFit TrackerPentagonFit Tracker Review: They are generally small wearable device designed to monitor fitness related activities. They measure data such as steps, calories usage and consumption, sleeping hours and quality. In simple terms; they monitor and record people fitness activities.

Some fitness tracker apps synchronized with people fitness tracker allow parents to create a reward based system for every fitness achievement.

Most wearable  fitness tracker works in synchronization with desktop or mobile apps that basically analyze the acquired data. PentagonFit fitness tracker is integrated into the form of game; as this allows you to have fun while benefiting from the numerous advantages of fitness trackers.

Little Intro About PentagonFit Fitness Tracker

PentagonFit activity tracker is the foremost activity tracker designed by Pentaon for you on the move. It is waterproof and can be worn during swimming.

It comes with humans friendly design with a battery life of 24 months. It as well features a free parental control app. It made use of reputable features from their previous Vivofit series and customized them to suit the needs of both parents and children.

The Pentagon Fit activity tracker matches well with the task management app that allows parents to assign chores and tasks like making the bed or washing the dish to their kids. The app also allows parents to recognize when the children have finished the task assigned to them.

The timer can be set to count down on the tracker. This can serve as a useful tool for restricting the time for watching television. It can as well be handy as a study timer.

The Vivofit Jr is designed for children between the ages of four and nine. It is a one piece band that comes in multiple colors including black, broken-lava, digi-camo, and purple-strike colors. It as well comes in colorful band patterns.

The Vivofit jnr can fit wrists of roughly 5.7 inches. Garmin is making available larger bands that can fit wrists of roughly 6.7 inches, but you can as well make use of accessory bands from the Vivofit 3.

The appearance and the feel

The Vivofit Jr activity tracker is structured and placed inside a silicon band that looks more like a bracelet than a wristband. This makes it easy for kids to put on. The stretchable nature of the wrist band also makes it easy for children to wear. It only has one button which controls all function through a collection of short and long presses.

Pressing it only once helps you to toggle through the menu
Pressing the button for a little longer time brings up the back light
Long press brings up functions such as task timers, turn off the device or put it in pairing mode.

Structures and functions

Unlike other Garmin activity tracker that normally sync to the compatible mobile devices through Garmin Connect mobile app, the Vivofit Jr comes with its own app.

Battery life

Related bands powered by coin battery necessitate charging with USB every now and then but the Vivofit Jr tracks and uploads activity for complete one year, thanks to its one CR1632 battery.

Move Bar

This feature monitors when your child has not been mobile for a while and if the child has not moved within two hours, the display turns to red. Your child needs to be active for a few minutes to reset it.

Activity Goal

It helps your kids to reach the daily sixty minutes activity goal recommended by t the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and boosts the physiological growth of the children.,

Step Counter

It features step counters which takes records of all your steps during the day like all other Vivofits.

Sleep tracking

It can track the child’s sleep routine, when it is structured into his or her sleep pattern. It come with a good number of laudable features of Vivofit 3 and effectively collects health and fitness data.

The difference between this and the adult version is in the manner with which it delivers the result. Instead of using charts and graphs, it makes use of features which are more child’s friendly.

The app is different app

Garmin Connect presupposes that the wearer is the app user; the Vivofit Jr is made differently where a child wears the wrist band while the parent has access to the app.

The Vivofit Jr app is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones that runs a minimum of Bluetooth 4.0.


Your children can view through the Vivofit Jr device and see the daily tasks assigned to them and those they have finished. The parents can then mark as finished any task they are satisfied with and can choose the number of virtual coin each task deserves. This can be exchanged with rewards later.


It comes with kids-friendly design
It is sturdy, waterproof and suitable for use in the swimming pool
It helps you to track your steps, sleep and one hour recommended daily activities
It comes with compatible mobile apps for parents
It features adjustable reward apps and chores
It comes with auto sync feature and audible alert system
It features task timers of two, five, ten, fifteen, twenty and thirty minutes with stop watch capability.
It features variable wristbands which are simple to wear
The battery life last for up to 24 months and can be replaced
It leads your kids through educational exploration and expedition allowing them to gain knowledge in a fun-filled way
The Vivofit Jr tracks the child’s activity level and sync it to that of the parent’s app.
It allows parents to sync up to 2 kids
Parents are only allowed to adjust task and rewards


It is a bit costly
It hasn’t got a supplementary wrist band
It comes in only three color forms.
It is a bit difficult to set but it can be fun when you do it together with your child.